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  • Apple Released Ios 17.1 With New Features And Bug Fixes

    Apple Released iOS 17.1 With New Features And Bug Fixes

    Apple has released iOS 17.1 for iPhone, introducing new features and bug fixes. This update, a testament to Apple’s unwavering commitment to innovation and user satisfaction, is not just another iteration; it is a comprehensive transformation that introduces a medley of exciting new features while meticulously addressing several bug fixes. Whether you wield the mighty iPhone XR, the illustrious iPhone…

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  • Ios 16.6.1 For Iphone Released With Critical Security Enhancements

    iOS 16.6.1 for iPhone Released with Critical Security Enhancements

    Apple has quickly introduced iOS 16.6.1, a temporary update aimed at improving user security, available for iPhone users. As iOS 17 is forthcoming, this release’s objective is to strengthen the security for iOS 16 devices before the upcoming new version roll-out. Strengthening the Shield With iOS 16.6.1 Apple’s latest update, iOS 16.6.1, brings essential security fixes to the forefront. While…

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  • Apple Ios 17 Personal Voice Feature

    Apple iOS 17 Personal Voice Feature Generates Voices Resembling You

    Apple recently previewed the upcoming accessibility updates in iOS 17, highlighting two groundbreaking features Apple iOS 17 Personal Voice and Live Speech. These features aim to enhance communication for individuals who are unable to speak or at risk of losing their ability to speak due to conditions like ALS. The first beta of iOS 17 is now available, allowing users…

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  • Ios 17 Developer Beta 1 Now Available

    iOS 17 Developer Beta 1 Now Available for Free Download

    At the WWDC 2023 keynote, Apple unveiled its highly anticipated iOS 17 Developer Beta 1 software update, scheduled for release later this year during the fall season. Apple has released iOS 17 Beta 1 which can now be downloaded for free. Previously restricted to subscribers of the $99 annual membership Apple Developer Program, Apple surprised users by allowing anyone with…

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  • Apple Store Goes Down

    Apple Store Goes Down Anticipation Builds for WWDC 2023

    The Apple Store going down is a time-honored tradition that signals exciting announcements on the horizon. WWDC 2023 promises to be an eventful day with the unveiling of new hardware and software from Apple. In this blog post, we’ll explore the highlights and expectations for today’s keynote. ¬†Apple XR Headset The star of the show is undoubtedly the long-awaited Apple…

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  • Itunes Vulnerability Exposes High-Severity Privilege Escalation Risk

    iTunes Vulnerability Exposes High-Severity Privilege Escalation Risk

    Apple’s iconic iTunes program has recently been discovered to have a high-severity vulnerability, enabling threat actors to escalate privileges and gain unauthorized access to sensitive systems. In this article, we delve into the details of the flaw and explain how it can be exploited by hackers. Understanding the iTunes Vulnerability Researchers from Synopsys have identified a flaw in the Windows…

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  • Apple Announces Retirement Of My Photo Stream

    Apple Announces Retirement of My Photo Stream

    Apple announced in a support document that it’s pulling the plug on My Photo Stream on July 26, 2023. The service, which allowed users to sync their photos across Apple devices, will no longer be available. Here’s everything you need to know about this development. Initially known as Photo Stream, this image syncing service was introduced during WWDC 2011. It…

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  • Apple Ios 16.6 Beta Now Available

    Apple iOS 16.6 Beta Now Available for Developers

    Apple iOS 16.6 Beta Now Available for Developers Apple has once again surprised its developers with the release of the first beta version of iOS 16.6, shortly after making iOS 16.5 available to the public. This latest beta release comes alongside betas for macOS Ventura 13.5, watchOS 9.6, and tvOS 16.6. While the specific details of iOS 16.6 are still…

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  • Apple Fixes Three Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Targeting Iphones, Macs, And Ipads

    Apple Fixes Three Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Targeting iPhones, Macs, and iPads

    Apple Fixes Three Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Targeting iPhones, Macs, and iPads In a recent security advisory, Apple announced that it has successfully addressed three zero-day vulnerabilities that were being actively exploited by threat actors to target iPhones, Macs, and iPad devices. These vulnerabilities were discovered within Apple’s WebKit browser engine, which serves as the underlying technology for the Safari web browser,…

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  • How To Download Chatgpt On Iphone

    How to Download ChatGPT on iPhone

    How to Download ChatGPT on iPhone ChatGPT, OpenAI’s revolutionary chatbot, has become the fastest-growing consumer app in history. It was only a matter of time before this mega-popular chatbot made its way to Apple’s iOS platform. Now, those in the US can access a free and official version of ChatGPT on the best iPhones, with data history synced across devices.…

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