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  • X (Twitter) Introduces Audio And Video Call Feature

    X (Twitter) Introduces Audio And Video Call Feature

    Twitter, or should we say X, has recently taken a giant leap in its quest to become a “super app.” In a groundbreaking update now available on the App Store, X introduces the ability to make and receive audio and video calls. This new feature is integrated into direct messaging, giving X a whole new dimension, making it a formidable…

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  • Whatsapp Unveils Self-Destructing Audio Messages

    WhatsApp Unveils Self-Destructing Audio Messages

    WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, has unveiled an intriguing feature in its beta versions for both iOS and Android that is set to redefine the way we communicate: self-destructing audio messages. This cutting-edge addition allows users to send audio messages that vanish after a single playback by the recipient, ensuring the utmost privacy and confidentiality. Self-Destructing Audio Messages The first…

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  • Netflix'S Premium 4K Plan Will Cost $23 Per Month

    Netflix’s Premium 4K Plan Will Cost $23 Per Month

    In the ever-evolving realm of streaming services, Netflix, the beloved titan of the digital screen, has unveiled a noteworthy transformation. It’s a paradigm shift, a new dimension in the world of cinematic indulgence. They’ve raised the curtain on a premium 4K streaming experience, and it comes with a price tag that might elicit both admiration and hesitation – a substantial…

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  • Gdpr Trouble Tiktok Slapped With $367 Million Fine

    TikTok Faces 367 Million Dollar Fine from Irish Regulators

    TikTok faces 367 million Dollar fine from Irish Regulators. Popular social media platform TikTok is facing a considerable fine amounting to $367 million, imposed by Irish regulators. Why TikTok Faces 367 Million Dollar Fine TikTok came under scrutiny for its severe mishandling of child users’ data from European Union, leading to the monumental fine. A Violation of GDPR The European…

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  • Whatsapp'S Upcoming Feature Group Chat Filters

    WhatsApp’s Upcoming Feature Group Chat Filters

    WhatsApp’s upcoming feature group chat filters. WhatsApp, an application owned by Meta, is unremittingly working on innovations that will enhance user experience. Answering a popular demand, the recent update, version focuses on a unique attribute: Chat Filters. With this, user authority and control are taken to a whole new level. WhatsApp’s Latest Update Group Chat filters Close on the…

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  • Tiktok Addresses Data Privacy Concerns Opens European Data Center In Dublin

    TikTok Addresses Data Privacy Concerns Opens European Data Center in Dublin

    TikTok, the popular social media platform, has inaugurated its first European data center in the vibrant city of Dublin. In a strategic move to alleviate concerns surrounding data privacy and Chinese state surveillance, This momentous step underscores TikTok’s commitment to safeguarding European users‘ data while addressing anxieties related to its Chinese ownership. European Data Secure in Dublin European TikTok users…

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  • Whatsapp Introduces Hd Photo Feature For Android And Ios

    WhatsApp Introduces HD Photo Feature for Android and iOS

    WhatsApp has released a brand new function geared toward enhancing image sharing on its platform. This modern innovation lets in users to ship great photographs with minimum compression, keeping the integrity of the authentic photograph. WhatsApp’s popularity lies in its dedication to enabling simple photo sharing with out dangerous stress. As the platform evolves, this vital foundation remains constant, making…

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  • Sms Support For Facebook Messenger To End In September

    SMS Support for Facebook Messenger to End in September

    Significantly, Facebook Messenger has declared that, as of September 28, 2023, it will stop offering SMS capabilities for Android handsets. As users have been accustomed to using Messenger as an integrated SMS app since 2016, this decision signals the end of an era. However, the official removal of the connection will bring about a change that encourages consumers to look…

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  • Youtube Tv $25 Discount For Three Months Only

    YouTube TV $25 Discount for Three Months Only

    YouTube TV, the popular streaming service, has recently made news, this time for its pricing policy. The monthly subscription rate has more than doubled since its initial debut, causing concerns among present and future subscribers. However, there is some good news for new customers who want to join on the YouTube TV bandwagon: the firm is currently offering a limited…

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