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  • How Safechat Became A Gateway For Data Theft

    How SafeChat Became a Gateway for Data Theft

    In a recent cyber attack, Android users were the target of a devious tactic used by hackers who took advantage of a phoney app called “SafeChat,” obtaining private information from well-known messaging services like Signal and WhatsApp. The ‘Bahamut’ APT hacking gang from India is the outfit behind this espionage. In order to compromise the target’s smartphone, they use spear…

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  • Chatgpt Android App Launching Soon On Play Store

    ChatGPT Android App Launching Soon on Play Store

    The era of advanced AI chatbots has arrived with OpenAI’s ChatGPT making its debut on mobile devices. Offering a native app experience for iOS and soon for Android, this blog post explores the capabilities, similarities, and enhancements brought by the ChatGPT app. From its language model technology to its integration with Microsoft and the promise of new features, let’s dive…

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  • Youtube Premium Price Increased To $13.99 Month

    YouTube Premium Price Increased to $13.99 Per Month

    YouTube Premium, the ad-free subscription service from YouTube, has undergone a price increase for new subscribers in the US. Although the official announcement is yet to be made, the changes have already been implemented on New YouTube Premium Prices New YouTube subscribers signing up through YouTube Premium will be charged $13.99 per month. However, iOS YouTube app subscribers will…

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  • Whatsapp Support For Wear Os 3 Announced

    Official WhatsApp Support for Wear OS 3 Announced

    Official WhatsApp support for Wear OS 3 announced. WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps worldwide, has expanded its reach to Wear OS 3 smartwatches. This move allows users to enjoy the convenience of accessing WhatsApp directly from their smartwatches, enhancing their messaging experience. Compatible Devices and Availability The WhatsApp app for Wear OS is compatible with a range…

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  • Tiktok For Iphone Is Introducing Passkey

    TikTok For iPhone Is Introducing Passkey

    In an effort to enhance user experience and bolster security, TikTok for iPhone is introducing passkeys as an alternative to traditional passwords. Passkeys provide users with a faster, easier, and more secure way to sign into their TikTok accounts on iOS devices, utilizing the convenience of Face or Touch ID. How Passkeys Work and Their Benefits Passkeys act as a…

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  • Twitter'S Creator Ads Revenue Sharing Program

    Twitter Launches Creator Ads Revenue Sharing Program

    Twitter, one of the leading social media platforms, has recently announced the launch of its highly anticipated Creator Ads Revenue Sharing program. This program is designed to empower select creators by allowing them to earn a share of the ad revenue generated from replies to their tweets. With this initiative, Twitter aims to support and reward creators for their contributions…

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  • Mastodon Releases Security Update

    Mastodon Releases Security Update

    Mastodon releases security update. As Mastodon continues to gain popularity as a viable alternative to Twitter, the platform remains committed to ensuring user safety and security. Recently, Mastodon released a comprehensive security update addressing multiple vulnerabilities, including five high or critical severity flaws. Understanding the Vulnerabilities CVE-2023-36460: File Creation and Code Execution Vulnerability One of the vulnerabilities addressed in Mastodon’s…

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  • Apple Shazam App Update

    Apple Shazam Enhances Song Recognition for TikTok and YouTube

    Apple Shazam enhances song recognition for TikTok and YouTube. Apple has recently released an update for its popular music recognition app, Shazam. This update brings an exciting new feature that allows users to identify songs playing in popular apps like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Gone are the days of wondering about the catchy tune you heard in these apps; with…

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  • Bytedance Introduced Ripple

    ByteDance Introduced Ripple AI-Powered Music Generator

    The innovative company behind TikTok, ByteDance introduced Ripple, a groundbreaking app that leverages AI to revolutionize music creation. This article explores Ripple’s features, its potential to transform the music business, and its integration with TikTok. ByteDance Introduced Ripple: AI-Powered Music Generation Ripple is an AI-powered music generator developed by ByteDance. Its primary objective is to make music production more accessible…

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