MediaTek to Release Dimensity 9300 Chip In November

What to Expect from MediaTek's Dimensity 9300 Chip in November

MediaTek, a company renowned for its innovative chipsets, is set to shake things up once again. This time, they’re stepping into the ring with their upcoming release, the Dimensity 9300. Here we will discover what makes the Dimensity 9300 special and how it plans to compete with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and Samsung’s Exynos offerings.

Core Configuration of Dimensity 9300 Chip

At the core of any powerful smartphone chipset is its core configuration. The Dimensity 9300 features a quad-core Cortex-X4 setup. This configuration comprises one potent core and three additional cores operating at a slightly lower GHz clock speed—2.85GHz for the former and 3.25GHz for the latter. This arrangement promises an intriguing balance of performance and efficiency.

Meet the Cores

Delving deeper into the chipset’s architecture, we find that the Dimensity 9300 is an eight-core processor. The remaining four cores are clocked at a swift 3GHz and are designated as Cortex-A720 units. This diverse core setup hints at a processor that can tackle a wide range of tasks with ease.

Mediatek Dimensity 9300 Chip Will Be Launched In November
Mediatek Dimensity 9300 Chip Will Be Launched In November

The Immortalis G720 GPU

Any discussion about smartphone chipsets is incomplete without mentioning the graphics processing unit (GPU). The Dimensity 9300 boasts the Immortalis G720 GPU. This choice in GPU is likely to have a significant impact on the device’s overall graphics performance, enhancing the user experience when it comes to gaming, multimedia, and visual content.

Snapdragon’s Rivals

Snapdragon, Qualcomm’s flagship chipset line, has long been a dominant force in the market. Early leaks suggested that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 would have a similar four-core setup to MediaTek’s Dimensity 9300. However, recent rumors have shifted the narrative. It’s now believed that Snapdragon will adopt a single powerful Cortex-X4 cluster. This alteration indicates a fascinating shift in strategy, setting the stage for an exciting showdown between these two tech giants.

Power and Efficiency Trade-off

The inclusion of three additional power-hungry core clusters in the Dimensity 9300 is a bold move that may significantly boost performance. However, it’s essential to consider the potential downsides. More power generally translates to increased energy consumption and heat generation. MediaTek’s decision to tread this path suggests a commitment to outperforming the competition. Still, it also poses potential challenges in terms of device heat management and battery life.

Benchmarking Showdown

Early pre-release benchmarks for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and Dimensity 9300 are generating quite a buzz. These preliminary tests indicate that both chipsets are putting up similar scores. While these figures provide some insight into their potential, real-world performance is the ultimate litmus test. To truly evaluate these chips’ capabilities, we’ll have to wait for their integration into upcoming devices.


As anticipation continues to build, the Dimensity 9300 is slated to hit the market in November, with November 6th as the expected release date. MediaTek enthusiasts and smartphone connoisseurs alike are eagerly awaiting this release, anticipating that it might disrupt the current hierarchy. The true potential of the Dimensity 9300 will only be unveiled when it’s in consumers’ hands and powering the next generation of mobile devices.

In conclusion, MediaTek’s Dimensity 9300 chip is poised to make a significant impact in the highly competitive smartphone chipset market. Its unique core configuration, powerful GPU, and competition with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 make it a chipset worth keeping an eye on. As the release date draws near, we can’t help but wonder how it will redefine the smartphone experience.

Source:  GSMArena


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