Samsung Introduces “Auto Blocker” on Phones with One UI 6

Samsung Galaxy's One UI 6 Update: Say Hello to 'Auto Blocker'

Safety is important when using a smartphone. Samsung recognizes this important need. Introducing One UI 6 improves user security and privacy on Samsung Galaxy phones. The main feature of this new system is the “Auto Blocker”. Samsung’s One UI has always been known for its user-friendliness and modernity. With the release of One UI 6, Samsung pushes further in terms of experience and security. The Auto Blocker feature is a testament to their dedication to providing a safe and secure mobile environment.

Introduction to Auto Blocker

Auto Blocker is a revolutionary security tool that comes as an option in the One UI 6. It empowers users through security settings that give them more control over their Samsung Galaxy devices. Let’s examine some of the highlights of this new security measure. Prevent app installation from unauthorized sources. One of the key features of Auto Blocker is its ability to block apps from being installed from unauthorized sources. This is an important step to improve the security of your device. When enabled, this feature ensures that only apps from trusted sources like the Google Play Store can be installed on your device. This is a game changer in the fight against malware and potentially harmful applications.

Freedom to Sideload Apps

While security improvements are important, Samsung also understands the need for upgrades. With Auto Blocker, the option to sideload apps is still available, but now it’s turned off by default. Users who like to keep apps side by side can easily enable this feature, striking a balance between security and customization.

Samsung Introduces Auto Blocker On Phones With One Ui 6
Samsung Introduces Auto Blocker On Phones With One Ui 6

Application Security Analysis

Auto Blocker does not stop blocking apps from unauthorized sources. It also performs real-time security checks on the apps you download and install. This ensures that even if you choose to put an app on hold, any potential security threats are checked, giving you an added layer of protection. USB command bypass USB connections have long been a potential security breach. Auto Blocker includes a USB command blocker that prevents unauthorized commands from being executed via a USB connection. This is an important security measure, especially for those who regularly connect their Samsung Galaxy devices to various computers and accessories.

Advanced Provision for Self-Control

The Auto Blocker feature of the One UI 6 provides advanced settings for personal control. Users can fine tune their security preferences, and decide which parts of the Auto Blocker feature they want to activate. This level of customization ensures that your device’s security is tailored to your specific needs.

Protecting From Zero-Click Attacks

In an era of ever-evolving cyber threats, the need to protect against sophisticated attacks is paramount. The “Advanced” section of Auto Blocker has features like “Message Guard”, which protects your device from Zero-Click attacks. This active defense mechanism ensures that your Samsung Galaxy device remains safe even when you encounter suspicious messages or files.

Universal Accessibility

Samsung’s commitment to user protection extends to all of its Galaxy devices with the One UI 6, and the Auto Blocker feature is no exception. Available to users worldwide, it ensures that everyone benefits from this state-of-the-art security tool. Samsung’s commitment to protecting users’ privacy and data knows no bounds.


In conclusion, Samsung’s One UI 6 is a huge leap in mobile security with its impressive Auto Blocker feature. This new tool gives users unprecedented control over the security settings of their devices, striking the right balance between advanced security and user freedom. With the ability to block app installations from unauthorized sources, conduct app security checks, and guard against Zero-Click attacks, Auto Blocker is a game-changer in the world of mobile security.


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