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  • Youtube'S Budget-Friendly Premium Lite Plan Gets The Axe

    YouTube Discontinues “Premium Lite” Ad-Free Budget Plan

    YouTube discontinues “Premium Lite” its budget plan. Youtube, the popular video streaming platform has decided to discontinue its ad-free budget, called Premium Lite. This decision surprised many users, who valued the low cost of this system and its ability to provide an uninterrupted viewing experience. But instead of expanding its presence on YouTube, it ended “Premium Lite” in some European…

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  • Security Flaw Found In All-In-One Wp Migration Wordpress Plugin

    Security Flaw Found in All-in-One WP Migration WordPress Plugin

    A critical security vulnerability has been unearthed within the popular All-in-One WP Migration Extensions plugin. This discovery has triggered concerns about the safety of millions of WordPress websites that utilize this plugin, potentially leaving them exposed to unauthorized access token manipulation. WordPress Plugin Security Flaw WordPress, the ubiquitous content management system that fuels approximately half of all internet websites, has…

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  • Wordpress Plugin Vulnerabilities Uncovered In Jupiterx Core

    WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities Uncovered in JupiterX Core

    WordPress plugin vulnerabilities were recently uncovered in JupiterX Core. In the realm of WordPress, a notable plugin named JupiterX Core, recognized for its premium quality, has recently been exposed to vulnerabilities that could potentially pave the way for malicious hackers to compromise websites. JupiterX Core boasts a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor for WordPress, coupled with…

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  • Threads Web Version And Advanced Search Are Coming

    Threads Web Version and Advanced Search Are Coming

    Threads web version and advanced search are coming. Since its debut a month ago, Meta’s microblogging social network Threads has gained enormous popularity. The platform has undergone a number of modifications with a primary focus on user engagement and efficiency to cater to its fast expanding user base and improve the overall user experience. Chronological Feeds and Built-In Translation In…

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  • Safari 17 Beta Exciting New Features For Macos Users

    Safari 17 Beta Exciting New Features for macOS Users

    Users of Safari, rejoice! Safari 17 beta for macOS Ventura and Monterey has recently been released by Apple. This update, which includes a number of exciting new features and changes, promises to elevate your browsing experience to a whole new level. Live Text and Improved Media Support Support for two new media formats, JPEG XL and HEIC, is one of…

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  • Bytedance Introduced Ripple

    ByteDance Introduced Ripple AI-Powered Music Generator

    The innovative company behind TikTok, ByteDance introduced Ripple, a groundbreaking app that leverages AI to revolutionize music creation. This article explores Ripple’s features, its potential to transform the music business, and its integration with TikTok. ByteDance Introduced Ripple: AI-Powered Music Generation Ripple is an AI-powered music generator developed by ByteDance. Its primary objective is to make music production more accessible…

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  • Tsmc Denies Being Hacked By Lockbit Ransomware Gang

    TSMC Denies Being Hacked by LockBit Ransomware Gang

    In recent news, TSMC, one of the leading semiconductor manufacturers globally, faced allegations of a ransomware attack by the LockBit ransomware gang. The ransomware group demanded a staggering $70 million to prevent the release of stolen data. However, TSMC denies being hacked and clarifies that the cyberattack impacted one of its IT hardware suppliers, Kinmax Technology. TSMC, the renowned chipmaking…

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  • Cve-2023-3460 Vulnerability In Ultimate Member Plugin

    Vulnerability in Ultimate Member Plugin Exposes 200,000 WordPress Sites to Attacks

    WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems used by millions of websites worldwide. However, recent reports have highlighted a critical vulnerability in Ultimate Member plugin, a popular user registration and login plugin for WordPress. This vulnerability poses a significant risk to over 200,000 WordPress websites. The Ultimate Member plugin is designed to simplify user registration and login…

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  • University Of Manchester Breach

    Ransomware Attack Exposes Details of 1.1 Million NHS Patients

    In a devastating ransomware attack incident, the University of Manchester suffered a ransomware attack that led to the exposure of sensitive data belonging to 1.1 million NHS patients from over 200 hospitals across the UK. This content brief covers the details of the attack, the response from the university, and the steps individuals and organizations can take to protect their…

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  • Google Meet Reframe

    Discover Google Meet Reframe Feature: Improve Visibility and Focus

    Google Meet has evolved to provide users with an array of powerful features. As it grows in complexity, accessing key video functionality has become more convenient. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of accessing video filters, immersive backgrounds, and the reframe feature on Google Meet. These features allow you to enhance your visibility, focus, and…

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