WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities Uncovered in JupiterX Core

Urgent Security Update for JupiterX Core

WordPress plugin vulnerabilities were recently uncovered in JupiterX Core. In the realm of WordPress, a notable plugin named JupiterX Core, recognized for its premium quality, has recently been exposed to vulnerabilities that could potentially pave the way for malicious hackers to compromise websites.

JupiterX Core boasts a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor for WordPress, coupled with its intriguing connection to Elon Musk’s unique baby name. This seemingly seamless blend of features, however, has unfortunately been exploited by ill-intentioned attackers, leading to unauthorized access to accounts and the unauthorized uploading of files.


The initial security loophole (CVE-2023-3838) had a broad-reaching impact, extending to all versions of JupiterX Core up until 3.5.5. This flaw paved the way for unauthorized uploads of files, thereby potentially facilitating the execution of arbitrary code. The ensuing fix, embedded within version 3.3.8, incorporated stringent authentication checks and the effective blocking of the uploading of precarious file types.


The second vulnerability (CVE-2023-38389) permitted unauthorized access to WordPress accounts through manipulation of the associated email address. This particular vulnerability was found in JupiterX Core editions preceding 3.3.8. However, a comprehensive remedy was successfully integrated into version 3.4.3, directly addressing a shortcoming within the ‘ajax_handler’ function linked to Facebook login mechanisms.

Wordpress Plugin Vulnerabilities: Urgent Security Update For Jupiterx Core
Wordpress Plugin Vulnerabilities: Urgent Security Update For Jupiterx Core

Enhanced Authentication Mechanism

The loophole pertaining to the manipulation of Facebook login mechanisms was swiftly and decisively tackled. This was accomplished through a strategic enhancement of the plugin’s authentication process. Notably, this enhancement involves the extraction of user email addresses and unique identification codes from Facebook’s authentication endpoint.

Significant Impact on Themeforest Sales

A glimpse into Themeforest sales statistics paints a vivid picture, showcasing that the vulnerable JupiterX theme, which relies on the compromised plugin, is actively utilized across approximately 172,000 websites. This staggering figure underscores the far-reaching consequences of the prevailing issue.

From Detection to Resolution

The diligent efforts of Rafie Muhammad, an adept from the WordPress security firm Patchstack, bore fruit as he unearthed the vulnerabilities within JupiterX Core. He promptly reported these issues to ArtBees, the plugin’s developer, who promptly initiated the process of rectification. Subsequent to this, comprehensive patches were swiftly introduced to address the identified shortcomings.

Immediate Action Mandated

A clear directive is issued to users who have embraced the JupiterX Core plugin. It is strongly advised that they take swift action to update their plugin to the latest version. By doing so, they can effectively minimize the looming security risks that are intrinsically tied to the highlighted vulnerabilities.

It is of utmost importance that users swiftly take action to update their JupiterX Core plugin. This proactive step is vital in order to effectively counteract the security concerns that have come to light.


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