YouTube Discontinues “Premium Lite” Ad-Free Budget Plan

YouTube discontinues “Premium Lite” its budget plan. Youtube, the popular video streaming platform has decided to discontinue its ad-free budget, called Premium Lite. This decision surprised many users, who valued the low cost of this system and its ability to provide an uninterrupted viewing experience. But instead of expanding its presence on YouTube, it ended “Premium Lite” in some European countries.

YouTube Premium feature

YouTube Premium has gained traction thanks to its ad-free streaming experience. Users benefit from uninterrupted viewing of their favorite content without the hassle of interrupting ads. But the price of YouTube Premium may disappoint some users.

“Premium Lite” offered ad-free viewing at the low price of €6.99 per month. While it didn’t include features like YouTube Music, offline downloads and background playback, many users found it useful to remove these features to escape the constant barrage of ads.

Youtube Discontinues &Quot;Premium Lite&Quot; Ad-Free Budget Plan
Youtube Discontinues Ad-Free Budget Plan

Discontinuation of “Premium Lite”

YouTube has decided to discontinue “Premium Lite” in selected European countries from October 25, 2023, including Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.
In emails to customers, YouTube said it was testing different versions of “Premium Lite” based on feedback from users, developers and partners. YouTube appears to be shifting its strategy to a non-advertising budget and future offerings.

Price Increases and User Requests

The discontinuation of “Premium Lite” follows recent price increases for YouTube Premium individual plans, starting at $13.99 per month, and family plans from $22.99 per month. These price hikes have led to some dissatisfaction among users who have hoping to find a particularly affordable option to fit their needs in for ad-free viewing.

Several YouTube users have called on Google to provide a simple alternative to monetize other features such as YouTube Music and offline downloads. Many users find aggressive ads and ad blocking restrictions frustrating, giving hope to a cheaper ad-free system the most desirable.

The future of YouTube Premium

While the discontinuation of “Premium Lite” may disappoint users, it also shows that YouTube is actively trying to fine-tune its offerings based on the content. By exploring the qualities of an ad-free system that isn’t financially friendly, YouTube aims to strike a balance between affordability and meeting the requirements of different users between the two.

What changes and improvements YouTube will make to its systems in the future remains to be seen. But YouTube is clearly committed to providing users with a personalized and accessible experience.


YouTube’s decision to discontinue its ad-free budget “Premium Lite” in select European countries may disappoint many users. YouTube Premium’s reputation for ad-free video makes its affordable availability very attractive. However, with recent price increases and a simple ad-free plan, YouTube is revamping its channel and working on a new “Premium Lite” version based on user feedback.

As YouTube continues to refine and improve its offering, users can expect a customized and accessible experience that fits their preferences and budget. While “Premium Lite” is no more, the future of YouTube Premium offers the promise of a more satisfying and affordable ad-free experience.

Source: The Verge


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