Is Your iPhone 15 Overheating? Here’s What You Need to Know

A Guide to Addressing iPhone 15 Overheating Issues

Is your iPhone 15 overheating. If you are a proud owner of the latest iPhone 15, you may have come across widespread reports of overheating issues with this device. Users have been experiencing temperatures as high as 116°F, making it uncomfortable to hold the phone without a case. This problem seems to affect all four iPhone 15 models, including the popular iPhone 15 Pro Max. In this article, we will delve into the details of this issue, discuss possible causes, and provide some helpful tips to keep your iPhone 15 cool.

iPhone 15 Overheating Problem

Several iPhone 15 owners have reported their devices becoming excessively hot, not only during demanding tasks but also during seemingly undemanding activities like social media browsing. Korean YouTuber BullsLab conducted a thermal imaging camera test, revealing temperatures reaching up to 116°F during heavy usage scenarios. Surprisingly, some users have even experienced overheating during light tasks.

A Guide To Addressing Iphone 15 Overheating Issues
A Guide To Addressing Iphone 15 Overheating Issues

Possible Causes of Overheating

While the exact cause of iPhone 15 overheating is yet to be determined, there are a few theories floating around. One possibility is that the initial setup of the device may cause it to heat up. However, many users have stated that the problem persists beyond this period. Another potential reason for the overheating could be related to the early adopters of the iPhone 15 Pro Max model, as reports suggest this particular variant is frequently affected.

Prevent Overheating: While Apple is yet to release an official solution for the iPhone 15 overheating problem, here are some helpful tips to keep your device cool:

Remove Case: If you notice your iPhone 15 getting hot to the touch, try removing the case. A protective case may trap heat, exacerbating the issue.

Avoid Direct Sunlight: Extreme temperatures, combined with direct sunlight exposure, can cause your iPhone 15 to overheat. Keep your device in a shaded area to prevent unnecessary heat buildup.

Close Unused Apps: Running multiple apps simultaneously can put strain on your device’s processor, leading to increased heat generation. Close any unused apps to alleviate this pressure.

Reduce Screen Brightness: Lowering the screen brightness can help prevent excessive heat generation. Consider manually adjusting your iPhone 15’s display settings to a comfortable level.

Restrict Background App Refresh: Background app refresh can consume significant processing power, resulting in increased heat output. Limit the number of apps allowed to refresh in the background to minimize heat buildup. Stay Updated

Always make sure you are running the latest iOS version on your iPhone 15. Apple frequently releases system updates that address various issues, including potential overheating problems.


In conclusion, while there have been widespread reports of iPhone 15 overheating, there are several steps you can take to mitigate this issue. By implementing the tips mentioned above, you can minimize the risk of your device becoming uncomfortably hot. As Apple continues to investigate and address this problem, staying informed and adopting preventive measures is crucial. Don’t forget to participate in our reader poll and share your experiences with iPhone 15 overheating. Together, we can better understand and resolve this issue.


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