Microsoft Edge's New Text Rewrite Tool with Bing AI

Microsoft Edge, the cutting-edge browser, is now offering an exciting text rewriting feature powered by Bing AI. This enhancement follows a similar update implemented on the SwiftKey keyboard app for iOS and Android just a few months back.

Microsoft Edge’s New Text Rewrite Tool

Recently, a Twitter user with the handle @Leopeva64 discovered this feature during a Microsoft Edge Canary update. To access the rewrite with Bing functionality, users can select a portion of text within an input field and press Alt + I. Subsequently, a popup window emerges, displaying AI-generated text with various options to replace, modify, or refresh the chosen text.

Mirroring SwiftKey’s capabilities on mobile devices, Microsoft Edge’s text rewrite feature comes with an array of customization options. Users have four distinct tones to choose from: professional, casual, enthusiastic, and informal. Additionally, they can alter the format, including paragraph, email, blog post, and ideas, while also specifying the desired length: short, medium, or long.

Microsoft Edge Introduces Text Rewrite Feature With Bing Ai
Microsoft Edge Introduces Text Rewrite Feature With Bing Ai

Once the custom changes are made, users only need to click the “rewrite” button, and Bing AI will apply the selected settings and generate a new response when they currently enter a the piece was rewritten to a select group of people in the Canary Channel He wouldn’t do that with access

For Edge Dev users, a comparable product awaits. With a right-click on the printed text, the “Ask Bing AI” option can be selected, which triggers a Bing feature, with a button to describe, review, or expand the selected text

This latest innovation from Microsoft Edge promises to change the way we interact with written content. As this feature matures, users can expect to use the power of Bing AI to improve their authoring and navigation experience.


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