YouTube Premium Price Increased to $13.99/Month

YouTube Premium Subscription Price Hike: What it Means for You

YouTube Premium, the ad-free subscription service from YouTube, has undergone a price increase for new subscribers in the US. Although the official announcement is yet to be made, the changes have already been implemented on

New YouTube Premium Prices

New YouTube subscribers signing up through YouTube Premium will be charged $13.99 per month. However, iOS YouTube app subscribers will face a slightly higher cost of $18.99 per month. It’s essential to choose the right platform for signing up to ensure you get the best deal.

Despite a significant increase last year, the Family Premium plan’s price remains unchanged at $22.99 per month. This plan allows multiple family members to enjoy the benefits of Premium at a relatively lower cost per user.

For those committed to the service, the annual subscription option offers significant savings. Priced at $139.99 per year, it provides a savings of $27.89 compared to the monthly rate. This is a great option for long-term subscribers looking to save some money.

New Youtube Premium Prices
New Youtube’S Premium Prices

Previous Price Increase during YouTube Music Relaunch

YouTube Premium’s price increase in 2018 coincided with the relaunch of YouTube Music. This change aimed to offer a more comprehensive package, including music streaming and ad-free video watching, under a single subscription.

YouTube Cracking Down on Ad Blockers

To maintain the value and integrity of YouTube, the platform is taking measures to crack down on ad-blocker usage. This ensures that subscribers enjoy an uninterrupted, ad-free viewing experience.

Existing subscribers may have concerns about the price increase affecting their plans or possible loss of grandfathered rates. YouTube needs to address these concerns transparently and provide options to ease the transition.

YouTube Premium Features and Benefits

YouTube Premium offers a range of features to enhance your viewing experience. Enjoy ad removal, audio-only playback, offline downloads, and 1080p streaming. Additionally, subscribers get co-watching capabilities in Google Meet, early access to new features, and extended free trials.

In conclusion, the YouTube Premium subscription price increase to $13.99 per month in the US brings with it various changes and new features. Existing subscribers must be aware of the potential impact, while new subscribers can take advantage of the improved benefits. As YouTube continues to refine its offerings, it remains a compelling option for those seeking an ad-free and enhanced viewing experience.


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