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  • Youtube Premium Unveils High-Quality 1080P

    YouTube Premium Unveils High-Quality 1080p Streaming for Subscribers

    YouTube Premium continues to innovate, offering its subscribers an upgraded 1080p tier with a better bitrate. Initially exclusive to iPhone and Apple TV, this feature is now being tested on Android and Google TV. Availability and Expansion of the Feature Recent reports have revealed that YouTube is expanding the availability of its new 1080p Premium tier. Users on Reddit have…

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  • Whatsapp Silence Unknown Callers Feature

    WhatsApp Adds New Feature To Silence Unknown Callers Automatically

    WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app owned by Meta, continues to prioritize user privacy. With the latest updates, WhatsApp introduces two key privacy features: Silence Unknown Callers and Privacy Checkup. These features aim to protect users from scams, spam messages, and unwanted interruptions while communicating on the platform. Silence Unknown Callers: Filtering out Unknown Contacts WhatsApp’s Silence Unknown Callers feature…

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  • Linda Yaccarino'S Vision For Twitter 2.0

    Building the Future Together Linda Yaccarino Vision for Twitter 2.0

    Building the Future Together is Linda Yaccarino vision for Twitter 2.0  When Elon Musk appointed Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO of Twitter, he entrusted her with the task of shaping the platform’s future while he focused on product development and system operations. Recently, Yaccarino shared her first internal memo, titled “Building Twitter 2.0 Together,” where she echoes Musk’s vision…

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  • Edge Dev 115.0.1901.5

    Edge Dev 115.0.1901.5 for Android Explore New Features and Enhancements

    Microsoft is rolling out an exciting new feature update, Edge Dev 115.0.1901.5 for its Edge browser on both desktop and mobile platforms. This update, currently available for testing in the Dev Channel, brings a range of fixes, improvements, and new features. While the initial release focuses on the desktop version, Microsoft plans to introduce these enhancements to Edge on Android…

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  • Voice Chat Functionality To Bing Chat

    Microsoft Has Added Voice Chat Functionality To Bing Chat On Desktop

    Microsoft’s Bing Chat, the chatbot AI service, has introduced some exciting features and updates recently. While this week has seen relatively slower public developments, desktop users of Bing Chat can now access the service in a new way. In this blog post, we will delve into the latest additions to Bing Chat and explore the expanding capabilities of this communication…

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  • Whatsapp Beta Update

    WhatsApp Beta Update Introduces HD Photo Sharing Feature

    WhatsApp, one of the world’s leading messaging platforms, is revolutionizing the way users share photos with its latest beta updates. After years of sending low-quality images, WhatsApp is finally introducing a high-quality HD photo-sharing feature. This enhancement aims to provide users with improved photo quality and a richer media-sharing experience. Sending High-Quality Photos on WhatsApp To access the HD photo…

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  • Firefox 114 Released

    Firefox 114 Released With Some Security Fixes and Privacy Settings Updates

    Firefox 114 has been released with some security fixes and privacy settings updates. While this update doesn’t introduce major features, it brings several smaller improvements and fixes that enhance the browsing experience. Let’s explore the notable changes in Firefox 114: New Features in Firefox 114 DNS over HTTPS exception list management: Firefox now allows users to manage the exception list…

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  • Whatsapp Security Center And App Redesign

    WhatsApp Introduces Security Center On Its Website

    WhatsApp has recently introduced the Security Center on its website, aiming to raise awareness among users about the importance of security on its platform. The popular messaging app offers Android, iOS, Windows, and web apps for both regular and business users. Let’s explore the key security features that WhatsApp highlights in its applications: Default Privacy: With WhatsApp, no one can…

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  • The Growing Concern For Deepfakes Microsoft President'S Apprehension

    The Growing Concern for Deepfakes Microsoft President’s Apprehension

    The Growing Concern for Deepfakes Microsoft President’s Apprehension On Thursday, Microsoft President Brad Smith expressed his biggest apprehension about AI, focusing on the alarming rise of deepfakes and synthetic media designed to deceive. In his speech at Planet World, a language arts museum in Washington, DC, Smith unveiled his “blueprint for public governance of AI.” These concerns arise at a…

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  • Severe Security Flaw In Microsoft Azure

    Severe Security Flaw in Microsoft Azure Top Tools Identified

    Severe Security Flaw in Microsoft Azure Top Tools Identified In the world of cloud-based identity and access management services (IAM), Microsoft Azure’s Active Directory (Azure AD) has long been regarded as a reliable and trusted solution. However, recent extensive research conducted by the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit (CTU) has uncovered a severe flaw within Azure AD. This flaw has the…

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