Firefox 114 Released With Some Security Fixes and Privacy Settings Updates

Explore What's New in Firefox 114: DNS Management, Bookmarks Search, and More

Firefox 114 has been released with some security fixes and privacy settings updates. While this update doesn’t introduce major features, it brings several smaller improvements and fixes that enhance the browsing experience. Let’s explore the notable changes in Firefox 114:

New Features in Firefox 114

DNS over HTTPS exception list management: Firefox now allows users to manage the exception list for DNS over HTTPS (DoH) settings. This feature enables users to have more control over their DNS preferences.

  • Bookmarks menu search: Users can now search for specific bookmarks directly from the Bookmarks menu. By adding the Bookmarks menu button to the toolbar, accessing and finding bookmarks becomes more convenient.
  • Local browsing history search: Firefox introduces the ability to restrict searches to the user’s local browsing history. By selecting the “Search history” option from the History, Library, or Application menu buttons, users can narrow down their search results.
  • Mac camera video capture: Mac users can now capture video from their cameras in all supported native resolutions. This update enables higher resolutions for video capture, surpassing the previous limitation of 1280×720.
  • Reordering extensions: Firefox now allows users to reorder the extensions listed in the extensions panel. This feature provides flexibility in arranging extensions based on personal preferences or usage patterns.
  • FIDO2 / WebAuthn authenticators: Users on macOS, Linux, and Windows 7 can now utilize FIDO2 / WebAuthn authenticators over USB. This enhancement enables advanced features like passwordless logins, although certain features may require a PIN to be set on the authenticator.
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Firefox 114 Update
Firefox 114 Update

Security Fixes

Firefox 114 includes various security fixes to ensure a safer browsing experience. It is crucial to keep your browser up to date to protect against potential vulnerabilities.

Changes in Privacy & Security Settings

DNS over HTTPS settings are now part of the Privacy & Security section in the Settings page. Users can choose from the supported modes for DNS over HTTPS, enhancing privacy and security while browsing.

Developer Enhancements

  • Copy as cURL enhancement: Developers can benefit from the enhanced “Copy as cURL” feature in the Network panel. The feature now supports the “–compressed” argument, making it easier to capture and reproduce network requests.
  • Accessibility Inspector improvement: The Accessibility Inspector has been improved to accurately recognize all the ARIA roles like banner, main, navigation, and contentinfo. This enhancement assists web developers in improving web accessibility for a wider range of users.
  • CSS Cascading Level 4 supports() syntax: Firefox now supports the CSS Cascading Level 4 “supports()” syntax for @import rules. This enables the importation of other stylesheets based on support dependency. Additionally, the Inspector panel now accurately displays the conditions at the top of the imported rule.

Web Platform Updates

  • ES Modules support on DedicatedWorker and SharedWorker: Firefox 114 introduces support for ES Modules on DedicatedWorker and SharedWorker, expanding the capabilities of web workers and enabling efficient module loading.
  • WebTransport: WebTransport, now enabled by default, provides a powerful mechanism for handling use cases that are challenging with alternative mechanisms like WebSockets. Built on top of HTTP3, WebTransport brings benefits for gaming, live streaming, and more.
  • calc() function enhancement: The calc() function within CSS now supports the infinity and NaN (Not-a-Number) constants. This enhancement adds flexibility to calculations, allowing more advanced styling possibilities.

Final Words

With Firefox 114, Mozilla delivers a range of improvements, including enhanced DNS management, bookmark search, video capture, developer tools, and web platform updates. Stay up to date with the latest release and enjoy a safer and more feature-rich browsing experience. Download Firefox or update your existing browser to benefit from these exciting enhancements today.

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