Windows 11 Insider Beta Build (KB5026438) Released

A Closer Look at the Bug Fixes in Windows 11 Insider Beta Build (KB5026438)

Windows 11 Insider Beta Build (KB5026438) Released

The Windows operating system has been a cornerstone of the digital landscape for decades, and Microsoft continues to innovate and improve its flagship product. In an exciting development, Microsoft has recently launched a surprise Windows 11 Insider Beta build (KB5026438) with some much-anticipated bug fixes. Today, we’ll dive into the details of this new build, highlighting the improvements, known issues, and everything you need to know about the latest update.

But first, let’s take a moment to appreciate the significance of this release and how technology, like Windows 11, brings people together. As Matt Mullenweg once said, “Technology is best when it brings people together.” This statement resonates with the impact that Windows has had on connecting individuals and empowering them to accomplish remarkable things.

Overview of Windows 11 Insider Beta Build (KB5026438)

Less than a week after the last Beta release, Microsoft has rolled out the new builds 22621.1755 and 22624.175 (KB5026438) to the Beta Channel for Windows 11 Insiders. While this update does not introduce any new features, it focuses on resolving various bugs and known issues, enhancing the overall stability and performance of Windows 11.

Bug Fixes in Build 22624.1755

Settings Crash Issue

One of the key bug fixes in this build addresses an issue where the Settings app would crash when attempting to uninstall an app while using the grid view. With the update, users can now seamlessly uninstall applications without experiencing any crashes or disruptions.

Pinyin IME Insert Text Button

Another bug fix in Build 22624.1755 resolves an issue with the Pinyin IME’s insert text button. Previously, some users encountered a problem where the button was not displaying correctly in certain cases. With the new update, this issue has been successfully rectified, ensuring a smooth user experience when using the Pinyin IME.

Fixes for BOTH Build 22621.1755 & Build 22624.1755

Addressing a Race Condition in Windows Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS)

The latest Windows 11 Insider Beta build (KB5026438) also focuses on addressing a critical race condition in Windows Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS). In previous builds, the Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS) might stop responding when the system processes multiple local account operations simultaneously. This race condition could lead to the LSASS encountering an access violation error with the code 0xc0000005. With the new update, this issue has been resolved, ensuring a more stable and secure user experience.

Windows 11 Insider Beta Build (Kb5026438)
Windows 11 Insider Beta Build (Kb5026438)

Known Issues

Search on the Taskbar

If you have the Bing button in the search box on the taskbar and restart your computer after installing the update, you may temporarily experience the daily rotating search highlight before the Bing

button reappears. This minor issue does not affect the functionality of the search feature, and it can be resolved by waiting for a short period after restarting your computer.

Widgets Board Display

When launching the widgets board for the first time, users may notice momentarily placeholders of the widgets/feed cards from the old 2-column layout, even if their device supports a 3-column layout. This display inconsistency is a known issue that Microsoft is aware of, and they are working diligently to address it in future updates. Rest assured, this issue does not impact the overall performance or functionality of the widgets feature.

Despite these known issues, the Windows 11 Insider Beta build (KB5026438) brings essential bug fixes and improvements that enhance the stability and user experience of the operating system.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s surprise release of the Windows 11 Insider Beta build (KB5026438) signifies their commitment to continually improving their flagship operating system. With bug fixes addressing various issues and known limitations, Windows 11 becomes even more reliable and user-friendly. As technology continues to evolve and bring people together, Microsoft remains at the forefront, empowering individuals and organizations with innovative solutions.

For more information and updates on Windows 11, visit the official Windows Insider Program website. Stay tuned for further enhancements and new features that will shape the future of Windows!


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