How to Use Nearby Share to Share Files between Windows and Android

AirDrop No More: The Ultimate Guide to Using Nearby Share on Android and Windows

How to Use Nearby Share to Share Files between Windows and Android

If you\’re an Apple user, you\’re probably familiar with AirDrop, the easy file-sharing solution exclusive to Apple devices. However, for Windows and Android users, it has been a source of frustration for years. Fortunately, Google and Microsoft have finally come up with a solution: Google\’s Nearby Share protocol, which was first introduced in 2020, allows Android users to share files in a manner similar to AirDrop. Now, with the latest beta version, this feature is available on Windows as well.

To get started with Nearby Share on Windows, you\’ll first need to navigate to Android\’s Nearby Share page and download the Windows app. Since the app is still in beta testing, the installation process may be a bit complicated, but it\’s worth the effort. Once the app is installed, launch it and sign in with your Google account.

Next, give your PC a name and select the Receiving box. By default, it\’s set to \”No One,\” rendering the app useless. Instead, choose from the drop-down menu: \”Your Devices\” limits the app to devices linked to your Google account, while you can also limit it to your contacts or open it up to everyone. Once you\’ve made your selection, click \”Done\” to complete the setup.


Before proceeding, ensure that Nearby Share is functioning correctly on your Android device. Strangely, it\’s not an operating system option but a feature within the Google Files app. If you don\’t have Google Files installed, you can download it here. Once installed, tap the Menu button within the app, then go to \”Settings\” and select \”Nearby Share.\” Turn on the \”Use Nearby Share\” feature, then open the app and select a file you\’d like to share. Tap the \”Share\” button, then select \”Nearby\” and choose your PC from the list of available devices. The file will instantly be transferred to your PC and saved in the Downloads folder.

To transfer files from your Android device to your PC, open the Nearby Share app and select the file you\’d like to share. Choose your Android phone from the list of available devices, and wait for the transfer to complete. The file will appear in the Downloads folder within the Files app on your Android device.

In conclusion, Google\’s Nearby Share is an excellent solution for Windows and Android users looking to share files quickly and easily. Although the installation process may be a bit complex, it\’s worth the effort to enjoy seamless file sharing between your devices. With Nearby Share, file sharing doesn\’t have to be a source of frustration anymore.


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