Google Races to Create Next-Generation Search Engine

Google races to create next-generation search engine. According to The New York Times, Google is racing to create an all-new search service that will offer a more personalized experience, attempting to anticipate what users want from it. With the help of AI, Google aims to provide a search engine that is more intuitive, accurate, and responsive to users’ needs.

Magi – The Next-Generation Search Engine

Magi is a revolutionary search engine that aims to change the way people search for information online. With its advanced AI technology, Magi offers a more personalized experience, providing users with the information they need before they even ask for it.

One of the key features of Magi is its chatbot that can answer software engineering questions and generate code snippets. This is a game-changer for developers who often search for code online. With Magi, developers can get instant answers to their questions and find relevant code snippets without having to leave the search engine.

Google Magi Ai Search Engine
Google Magi Ai Search Engine

Another exciting feature of Magi is its ability to search for music through a chatbot conversation. Users can ask the chatbot to find music based on their preferences and get personalized recommendations. This is a great feature for music lovers who are always looking for new songs to add to their playlists.

Searchalong – A Game-Changing Feature

Searchalong is a new Chrome feature that allows a chatbot to scan the webpage you’re reading to offer contextual information. This is a game-changer for travelers who are looking for information about the places they are visiting. For example, if you are planning a trip to Paris and reading about the Eiffel Tower, you can ask the chatbot to tell you about other tourist attractions near the Eiffel Tower.

GIFI and Tivoli Tutor – Learning Made Easy

GIFI and Tivoli Tutor are two experimental features that allow users to prompt Google Image Search to generate images and converse with a chatbot to learn a new language. These features are great for people who want to learn a new language or are trying to improve their language skills. With Tivoli Tutor, users can have a conversation with a chatbot in the language they are learning and get instant feedback on their grammar and pronunciation.

Magi’s Launch and Expansion

Google plans to announce Magi  soon most probably I/O 2023 before introducing additional new features sometime in the fall. The company plans to offer Magi’s features to one million people in the US before expanding availability to 30 million users by the end of the year. This means that users in the US will be the first to experience the benefits of Magi’s advanced AI technology.


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