Microsoft Has Added Voice Chat Functionality To Bing Chat On Desktop

Discover Bing Chat New Voice Chat and Marketing Campaign

Microsoft’s Bing Chat, the chatbot AI service, has introduced some exciting features and updates recently. While this week has seen relatively slower public developments, desktop users of Bing Chat can now access the service in a new way. In this blog post, we will delve into the latest additions to Bing Chat and explore the expanding capabilities of this communication tool.

Voice Chat Feature Now Available for Desktop Users

Microsoft has added voice chat functionality to Bing Chat for desktop users, extending the convenience previously enjoyed by mobile users. By simply clicking the microphone icon and utilizing a working microphone, users can now interact with Bing Chat through spoken input. The voice chat feature currently supports English, Japanese, French, German, and Mandarin, with more languages on the way. To experience this feature, users can ask Bing Chat questions like, “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” Moreover, Bing Chat also offers text-to-speech answers, responding to inquiries in its own unique voice.

Bing Chat Support for Third-Party PC Browsers

In addition to voice chat, Microsoft has begun experimenting with expanding Bing Chat support to third-party PC browsers such as Google Chrome and Apple Safari. While the support is currently limited to a select number of users, it demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to making Bing Chat accessible across various platforms. Notably, the Vivaldi web browser has already integrated Bing Chat with its recent 6.1 update, enabling Vivaldi users to access Bing Chat seamlessly.

Microsoft'S Bing Chat
Microsoft’S Bing Chat

Social Network Marketing Campaign

To encourage better utilization of Bing Chat’s capabilities, Microsoft has initiated a new social network marketing campaign. This campaign aims to highlight the potential of Bing Chat in searching for answers and creating engaging stories. Users can leverage Bing Chat to find solutions to their queries or engage in entertaining conversations with the chatbot AI service.

Removal of False AI Answer in Bing Chat

Unfortunately, it was discovered that Microsoft had used Bing Chat in Edge to generate a false AI answer when users searched for the term “Chrome.” Rather than providing relevant information, the search yielded an ad promoting Bing. Microsoft promptly acknowledged this issue and removed the feature from Bing Chat to maintain the integrity of search results.


Microsoft’s Bing Chat continues to evolve with new features and improvements. Desktop users can now enjoy the convenience of voice chat, while experiments with third-party browser support showcase Microsoft’s dedication to expanding accessibility. With a focus on promoting better usage, the social network marketing campaign encourages users to explore Bing Chat’s search capabilities and storytelling potential. Stay up to date with Bing Chat’s developments, and don’t hesitate to engage with this innovative communication tool.

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