Android 15 Codename Unveiled as ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’

Latest Leak Revealed Android 15 Codename As ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’

Recently, the codename “Upside Down Cake” was revealed as the codename for Android 14, indicating Google is already working on the 2023 edition of the Android OS. Mishaal Rahman, a well-known XDA developer, recently revealed the codename for Android 15, “Vanilla Ice Cream”, on Twitter, which can be spotted in AOSP (Android Open Source Project) as a series of code changes in Android’s Trade Federation (Tradefed/TF). Android 15 is not expected to be released until late 2024, so we do not yet know specifics regarding new features.

Android is a mobile operating system founded by Google in 2008. It is designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices and is the world’s most popular mobile OS. Each version of Android OS is named after a dessert. “Vanilla Ice Cream” is the codename for Android 15, the 2024 edition of the Android OS. This dessert motif is fitting, as earlier versions were named after desserts. With such an early codename reveal, it’s difficult to speculate what features may be included in Android 15.

Latest Leak Revealed Android 15 Codename As ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’
Latest Leak Revealed Android 15 Codename As ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’

The Android’s Trade Federation (Tradefed/TF) is an open-source testing framework used to test and verify Android’s open source code. It includes the “Vanilla Ice Cream” codename for Android 15. Google has been focusing on adding more digital wellbeing features to Android with each release, so it is possible that this trend will continue with the release of Android 15. Additionally, with 5G becoming increasingly widespread, Google will likely focus on optimizing their OS for 5G networks and improving compatibility with 5G-enabled devices.

In conclusion, the codename for Android 15, “Vanilla Ice Cream”, has been revealed by Mishaal Rahman and can be found in AOSP (Android Open Source Project). While it will be released late next year, we do not yet know what features will be included in this latest version of the popular mobile operating system. However, given Google’s focus on digital wellbeing features and 5G support in previous releases of the OS, it is likely that these will be key features of Android 15.


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