Why is the New Google Home App Redesign Disappearing For Some Users

The Mystery of the Vanishing New Google Home App Redesign: What's Happening?

The Google Home app, which recently rolled out to all users in May, has encountered a perplexing issue. Numerous reports across Reddit and Google’s forums indicate that some users are experiencing the app reverting back to its previous design. This unexpected disappearance is not limited to a single platform, as both Android and iOS users have been affected.

Temporary Glitch Tied to the 3.2 Release

The disappearance of the new Google Home app seems to be tied to the 3.2 release, which was deployed across Android and iOS platforms last week. Users who have encountered the app reverting back to the old design have found that temporarily clearing the app’s data triggers the new user interface to reappear. However, this reversion occurs shortly after.

Many of the reports share a common thread—they mention participation in the Public Preview program, through which users gained early access to the new Home app. It appears that the issue is more prevalent among those who were part of this program.

Google Home App Design
Google Home App Design

Withdrawal from the Public Preview Program

A potential solution to the app issue is to withdraw from the Public Preview program. Fortunately, leaving the program does not have any immediate downsides. It is worth noting that even the new Script Editor does not require access to the Preview Program, at least for the web version. By withdrawing from the program, users may find that the app functions as intended.

The Benefits of the New Google Home App Design

The disappearance of the Google Home app is particularly frustrating because the new design offers numerous improvements. Users who have experienced the upgrade appreciate the enhanced ease of use and the addition of exciting features. Notably, Nest Cam owners have witnessed significant advancements in their smart home camera experience through the upgraded app.

Google’s Response and the Temporary Nature of the Issue

While Google has not yet provided an official comment on the situation, it is reasonable to assume that the app’s disappearance is a temporary issue. As with any major software release, it takes time for the new design to settle in and for any unexpected bugs to be resolved. Rest assured that Google is likely working diligently to address the problem and restore the stability of the Google Home app.


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