Twitter Scrapping Legacy Verified Checkmarks, Charging Users for Verification

Twitter's Announcement: No More Free Verified Checkmarks Starting April 1st!

Twitter recently announced that they will be retiring their legacy verified checkmarks, which have been in use for many years. The checkmarks are a way for users to confirm their identity on the platform and to help other users know that their account is legitimate. However, the new system for verification will come with a cost.

Starting from April 1st, users will no longer be able to apply for the legacy verified checkmark. Instead, they will have to apply for the new verification system that Twitter is currently developing. This new system will require users to provide more information about themselves, such as government-issued ID or official documentation proving their identity.

Additionally, Twitter has stated that the new verification system will be a paid service. While the exact price of this service has not yet been announced, it is likely to be a significant cost for users who want to verify their accounts. This move has been met with criticism from many users, who feel that verification should be a free service provided by Twitter.

Some users have also raised concerns about the potential for this new system to be used to silence certain voices on the platform. By requiring users to provide personal information to verify their identity, there is a risk that Twitter could be used to identify and target certain groups or individuals.

Twitter has responded to these concerns by stating that they will be transparent about their verification process and will work to ensure that it is fair and equitable for all users. They have also stated that the new system will be more effective in preventing impersonation and other forms of online abuse.

In conclusion, Twitter’s decision to retire their legacy verified checkmarks and replace them with a paid verification system has raised concerns among users. While the new system is intended to be more effective in preventing online abuse and impersonation, the cost of this service may put it out of reach for many users. It remains to be seen how this new system will be implemented and how it will affect the Twitter community as a whole.


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