Microsoft New Free Virtual Machines for Developers

Download Free Virtual Machines: Windows 11 Development Environment by Microsoft

Microsoft has recently launched an exciting update for developers – a new set of free virtual machines in the Windows Development Environment (WDE). In its latest version, WDE 2306, developers can access a comprehensive suite of tools necessary for creating apps for Windows. This blog post explores the features, availability, and download options of these virtual machines.

Windows 11 Development Environment (WDE) Overview

The Windows 11 Development Environment offers developers a collection of virtual machines specifically designed for app development. With a 90-day free trial period, users can leverage various tools provided within WDE, including Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition, Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (featuring Ubuntu), Windows Terminal, and Windows Developer mode.

WDE Version 2306

Based on Windows 11 Enterprise SKU with build number 22621.1848, also known as the “Moment 3” update, WDE version 2306 ensures developers have access to the latest Windows 11 features and improvements. To delve deeper into the “Moment 3” update, readers are encouraged to check out our comprehensive review.

Windows 11 Development Environment
Windows 11 Development Environment

Feature Availability in WDE

Microsoft is gradually rolling out the new features introduced in the “Moment 3” update. By default, these features are disabled in the updated virtual machines. However, developers can easily enable them through the corresponding toggle in the Windows Update settings.

Downloading Windows 11 Development Environment

To access the Windows 11 Development Environment, developers and enthusiasts can visit the official Microsoft Developer website. Microsoft offers downloads for various configurations, including VMWare (Workstation and Player), second-generation Hyper-V, VirtualBox, and Parallels. Please ensure you have at least 70GB of free disk space and a minimum of 8GB of RAM for a smooth installation process.

Alternative Options

For those who don’t require the complete set of developer tools provided by WDE, Microsoft offers “clean” evaluation images of Windows 10 and 11 Enterprise. These images are available in English and serve as an alternative for specific development needs.

Microsoft’s new set of free virtual machines in the Windows 11 Development Environment opens up exciting possibilities for developers. With the comprehensive toolset provided, developers can create innovative apps for Windows. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – explore and download the Windows 11 Development Environment today!


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