• MICROSOFTMicrosoft Ends Unlimited Cloud Storage On Onedrive

    Microsoft Ends Unlimited Cloud Storage on OneDrive

    Microsoft ends unlimited cloud storage on OneDrive. Transitions from unlimited to capped storage options. Microsoft has quietly made major changes to its OneDrive cloud storage service, dropping the unlimited storage feature. OneDrive for Business users (Plan 2) will now be limited to 1TB storage by default. Changes affecting both new and existing customers reflect changes in the company’s inventory policy.…

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  • AIBing Ai Expands Reach With Official Google Chrome Support

    Bing AI Expands Reach with Official Google Chrome Support

    A strategic move emphasizing user accessibility Microsoft’s Bing AI has officially announced its integration with Google Chrome, one of the most widely used web browsers worldwide This significant development comes six months after Bing AI‘s initial rollout took place after, when it was only available in Microsoft’s proprietary Edge browser. Other AI tools slowly expanded their integration, but Bing AI…

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  • MICROSOFTMicrosoft'S New Virtual Machines For Developers

    Microsoft New Free Virtual Machines for Developers

    Microsoft has recently launched an exciting update for developers – a new set of free virtual machines in the Windows Development Environment (WDE). In its latest version, WDE 2306, developers can access a comprehensive suite of tools necessary for creating apps for Windows. This blog post explores the features, availability, and download options of these virtual machines. Windows 11 Development…

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  • MICROSOFTMicrosoft Cybersecurity Revenue

    Microsoft Cybersecurity Revenue Surges by 32%, Outpacing the Market Growth

    Canalys, a leading analyst firm, recently released a report highlighting the impressive performance of Microsoft cybersecurity business. In Q1 2023, Microsoft witnessed a remarkable 32% increase in revenue, outpacing the overall market growth of the cybersecurity industry. This article delves into the key findings of the report, including market share, revenue growth, and regional insights. Market Growth and Microsoft’s Performance…

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  • MICROSOFTEdge Dev 115.0.1901.5

    Edge Dev 115.0.1901.5 for Android Explore New Features and Enhancements

    Microsoft is rolling out an exciting new feature update, Edge Dev 115.0.1901.5 for its Edge browser on both desktop and mobile platforms. This update, currently available for testing in the Dev Channel, brings a range of fixes, improvements, and new features. While the initial release focuses on the desktop version, Microsoft plans to introduce these enhancements to Edge on Android…

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  • MICROSOFTXbox Game Pass And Pc Game Pass

    Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass – Now Available on GeForce Now

    Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass have been hailed as some of the best gaming deals available, offering a vast library of games for a monthly subscription fee. However, until now, Xbox’s cloud gaming technology, known as xCloud, had limited compatibility across devices. In a significant expansion, Microsoft has partnered with Nvidia’s GeForce Now service to bring PC Game…

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  • MICROSOFTXbox Games Showcase

    Xbox Games Showcase: No Full CG Trailers, In-Game Footage Focus

    Less than a week remains before Microsoft takes the stage for the highly anticipated Xbox Games Showcase. With fan excitement brewing, Xbox’s VP of games marketing, Aaron Greenberg, has taken to Twitter to confirm some exciting details about the event. One notable announcement is the absence of full CG trailers for first-party titles, signaling a shift in the approach of…

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  • AIOpenai Ai-Powered Cybersecurity

    OpenAI Boosts AI-Powered Cybersecurity with $1M Grant Program

    OpenAI boosts AI-Powered cybersecurity with $1M grant program. OpenAI and Microsoft have recently unveiled an extraordinary grant program that aims to revolutionize the field of cybersecurity by leveraging the power of AI. This groundbreaking initiative, backed by a generous $1 million commitment from OpenAI, seeks to drive innovation and quantify the potential of AI in defensive cybersecurity. Objectives and Focus…

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  • MICROSOFTMicrosoft Faces Potential $425M Fine From Idpc Over Linkedin'S Gdpr Violation

    Microsoft Faces Potential $425M Fine from IDPC over LinkedIn’s GDPR Violation

    Microsoft faces potential $425M fine from IDPC over LinkedIn’s GDPR violation. This penalty stems from a violation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) committed by its subsidiary, LinkedIn. The Irish Data Protection Commission (IDPC), which commenced its investigation back in 2018, has been meticulously scrutinizing the details surrounding this case. Background on LinkedIn’s GDPR Violation Let us first explore…

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  • WindowsWindows 11 22H2 Configuration Update

    Windows 11 22H2 Configuration Update Brings Exciting New Features

    Windows 11 22H2 Configuration Update Windows 11 22H2 configuration update brings exciting new features. Microsoft recently rolled out a configuration update for Windows 11 version 22H2, coinciding with the release of the latest Moment 3 feature update. This configuration update is part of Microsoft’s Continuous Innovation strategy and follows the Controlled Feature Rollout (CFR) approach. The purpose of this update…

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