Xbox Games Showcase: No Full CG Trailers, In-Game Footage Focus

Xbox Games Showcase: A Game-Changing Lineup and Gameplay Focus Revealed

Less than a week remains before Microsoft takes the stage for the highly anticipated Xbox Games Showcase. With fan excitement brewing, Xbox’s VP of games marketing, Aaron Greenberg, has taken to Twitter to confirm some exciting details about the event. One notable announcement is the absence of full CG trailers for first-party titles, signaling a shift in the approach of showcasing upcoming games.

A Shift in Approach

Traditionally, game publishers have relied on high-budget cinematic trailers for their upcoming titles, often releasing them years before the actual gameplay is ready and potentially leading to misleading impressions. However, this time, each team under Xbox has chosen a different route. Greenberg stated that none of the first-party games featured in the showcase will have full CG trailers. Instead, fans can expect to see in-game footage, in-engine footage, or in-game footage with some cinematics. To ensure clarity for viewers, each trailer will be labeled accordingly.

Long-Awaited Gameplay Reveals

The Xbox Games Showcase presents an exciting opportunity for fans to finally witness gameplay footage of highly anticipated titles that were previously only revealed through fully CG trailers. Among these much-anticipated games are Playground’s Fable reboot, Obsidian’s Avowed, the Perfect Dark reboot, and State of Decay 3. This shift toward showcasing gameplay aims to provide a more accurate representation of what players can expect from these titles.

No More 12-Month Guarantee

In the 2022 Xbox Showcase, Microsoft emphasized that every trailer shown was for a game scheduled to release within the next 12 months. However, due to various challenges faced by development teams, not all titles managed to meet that schedule. As a result, Greenberg confirmed that the 12-month guarantee will no longer be in place for the upcoming showcase. This change reflects Microsoft’s commitment to delivering quality games while allowing developers the necessary time to meet their goals.

Xbox Games Showcase Extended
Xbox Games Showcase Extended

Exclusively Gaming: No Movie or TV Show Trailers

While fans might have hoped to catch glimpses of non-gaming content, such as the new Fallout TV show or the second season of Halo, during the Xbox Games Showcase, Greenberg confirmed that the focus will solely be on gaming. Therefore, viewers should not expect any movie or TV show trailers during the event. This ensures an undivided emphasis on gaming content and exciting announcements within the Xbox ecosystem.

Livestream Details and Special Features

The Xbox Games Showcase will kick off on June 11, with a special dedicated piece on Starfield immediately following the main event. This exclusive segment will provide fans with deeper insights into the highly anticipated space-faring RPG from Bethesda Game Studios. Additionally, the following week will see another “Extended” Xbox presentation, featuring even more partner reveals and exclusive interviews with Xbox developers. This extended event promises to provide an in-depth look at upcoming games and offer an opportunity for fans to gain deeper insights into the creative processes behind them.


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