WhatsApp Beta Update: Screen Sharing in Video Calls Now Available

WhatsApp Beta Version 2.2322.1.0 Introduces Screen Sharing for Windows

WhatsApp Beta on the Microsoft Store has released an update to version 2.2322.1.0, introducing the highly anticipated feature of screen sharing in video calls. While this functionality is currently undergoing a limited roll-out, more users will be granted access over the next few days. This update empowers beta testers with the ability to share their screens, similar to Microsoft Teams, enabling participants to view either the entire desktop or a specific window. Furthermore, screen sharing works seamlessly for both desktop and mobile users.

Implementation of Screen Sharing in WhatsApp Beta

Previously introduced in the Android beta channel with version, screen sharing on WhatsApp allows Android users to share their screens during video calls, albeit with a few limitations based on the device and the number of participants. However, the latest Windows version of WhatsApp Beta does not have these restrictions, providing a more comprehensive screen sharing experience. This development aligns with WhatsApp’s commitment to enhancing its Windows app by incorporating new features, such as major group updates, supporting video calls with up to 8 users, and audio calls with up to 32 participants.

Comparison with Other Communication Tools

With the introduction of screen sharing, WhatsApp is positioning itself as a fully featured business communication tool. This move places WhatsApp in direct competition with established platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Slack. The new screen sharing feature, combined with other recent updates, including the Channels feature, strengthens WhatsApp’s appeal for businesses seeking effective communication solutions.

Whatsapp Screen Sharing For Windows
Whatsapp Screen Sharing For Windows

Future Potential for Business Communication

Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, has been actively driving the adoption of WhatsApp for businesses. The addition of screen sharing in video calls further solidifies WhatsApp’s potential as a versatile communication tool in the business sphere. The capability to share screens enhances collaboration, improves remote work experiences, and potentially attracts more businesses to utilize WhatsApp for their communication needs.

WhatsApp Beta’s latest update introduces screen sharing in video calls, enhancing the overall user experience. With a focus on expanding its functionalities and competing with established communication tools, WhatsApp continues to evolve as a powerful platform. Screen sharing provides users with new possibilities for collaboration and interaction during video calls. Stay tuned for the roll-out of this exciting feature and explore the future possibilities it holds for businesses.

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