Google Unveils the Complete Design of the Pixel Watch 2

Google's Pixel Watch 2 Design: What's New and What's Not

Google offers a first glimpse at the Pixel Watch 2 design, showcasing aesthetic changes, material alternations, and an improved sensor layout. Google has been whipping up excitement in the tech world with a tantalising first look at its Pixel Watch 2.

This sneak peek comes hot on the heels of the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro launch, hinting that the tech giant wants to fully captivate its audience in an interactive ecosystem of technology. This fantastical landscape of interconnected devices sings of innovation, convenience and, most intriguingly, an intriguing new iteration of a beloved product.

A Résumé of the Pixel Watch 2 Aesthetics

The Pixel Watch 2 design maintains the water drop-inspired motif of the original Pixel Watch, with the interface preserving a streamlined, minimalistic look. It’s a continuation, rather than a revolution of past aesthetics. However, that’s not to say there aren’t new elements to admire.

What notable changes have been made, you ask? The rotating crown has been smoothed and rounded, giving it a sleeker, more sophisticated appearance, while the stem has been intricately shaved down to a slimmer profile.

Google'S Pixel Watch 2 Design
Google’S Pixel Watch 2 Design

A small, yet intriguing change is that the hole which once resided next to the speaker cutout has mysteriously vanished, leaving only one hole remaining next to the crown. The band mechanism? Unchanged – if ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

On the back of the watch, a thinner black border neatly frames key feature text which includes: Google, Pixel Watch 2, IP68, Water Resistance 50m, EDA, Heart Rate Sensor, Sleep Tracking, and SPO2.

Material Magic and Sensor Layout

Developing speculation suggests that Google might be swapping stainless steel for aluminium in Pixel Watch 2’s design. The motive? Weight reduction. While there’s no explicit mention of an updated IP certification, the text at the back does allude to IP68 Water Resistance.

The sensor grid layout on the watch’s rear has also received a revamp. The sensors, including the EDA sensor for stress management and tracking, are neatly arranged in a 3×3 grid. As for thickness, the Pixel Watch 2 neatly parallels its predecessor.

Availability and a Tease

Pre-orders for the Pixel Watch 2 will open on Wednesday, October 4, accompanied by a mouthwatering video description hinting at the joys imminent buyers are in for.


Google’s Pixel Watch 2 design, maintaining its signature water droplet look, infuses subtle changes into the mix. With an improved crown, a choice of materials, and an enhanced sensor layout, the Pixel Watch 2 is ticking, loud and proud, on the technology horizon! Can it bring Google to the forefront of wearable tech? We’ll soon find out!


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