The Nothing Phone (2) Arrives in July with an Extended Battery Life

Nothing Phone (2): Bigger Battery and July Arrival Set to Revolutionize the Mid-Range Market

The Nothing Phone (2) Arrives in July with an Extended Battery Life

The Nothing Phone (2) is generating significant buzz among tech enthusiasts and consumers alike. Nothing, a brand known for its reliance on word-of-mouth hype, is following up on the success of its Phone (1) with an exciting successor. Nothing CEO Carl Pei has offered a glimpse into what we can expect from the Phone (2), including a bigger battery and a potential release window in July.

A July Release and Global Availability

In a recent interview with Forbes, Carl Pei hinted at the global release of the Phone (2), which includes availability in the United States. The expected release date is set for July, which is just a few months away. This timeline is quite impressive, considering that Nothing has not made any significant official announcements thus far. Pei’s reluctance to share additional details has left enthusiasts eagerly anticipating more news about the Phone (2).

Bigger Battery for Extended Usage

One enticing feature of the Phone (2) is its larger battery capacity compared to its predecessor, the Phone (1). Pei disclosed that the new device will boast a 4,700mAh battery, a noticeable improvement over the 4,500mAh capacity of the Phone (1). This sizable battery places the Phone (2) in a favorable position among other mid-range devices. While it remains uncertain how fast the Phone (2) can charge, the Phone (1) demonstrated good battery lifespan and charging speed, although it fell slightly short compared to flagship devices from other manufacturers. With its 4,700mAh battery, the Phone (2) surpasses the Pixel 7A’s 5,000mAh but falls slightly behind the high-end Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 5,000mAh. If the Phone (2) maintains its sub-$500 price point, it will undoubtedly be a significant upgrade for consumers.

Nothing Phone (2)
Nothing Phone (2)

Mid-Range or High-End: Where Does the Phone (2) Fit?

The question of whether the Phone (2) will compete in the mid-range or high-end categories remains unanswered. Back in March, a Qualcomm executive revealed that the Phone (2) would feature the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip, a substantial upgrade from the Phone (1) which powered many expensive devices in 2022. However, it seems that Nothing is not aiming to position itself at the very top of the market. Pei confirmed that the Phone (2) would utilize the Snapdragon 8+, suggesting that they intend to push the chip to its limits, similar to their approach with the Phone (1)’s Snapdragon 778G+.

The Mystery Surrounding the Phone (2)

Despite Carl Pei’s marketing prowess and industry knowledge, the CEO has been tight-lipped about further details regarding the upcoming release. Beyond the tantalizing snippets shared in interviews, Pei has not provided any substantial information. In an interview with Forbes, he acknowledged that the U.S. is dominated by Apple but noted the absence of a compelling alternative for users seeking an alternative experience. While Apple undeniably holds a significant market share, Android users still comprise nearly 45% of the North American market. Given Nothing’s track record and the company’s previous success with the Nothing Ear (2) budget earbuds, it’s reasonable to expect that the Phone (2) will feature eye-catching glyph LEDs. If Nothing can focus on delivering high-quality mid-range phones that directly compete with devices like the 7A, while avoiding excessive hype, consumers would benefit from a clearer understanding of what they’re getting.


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