TikTok's Future in the U.S.: What to Expect from Biden's Ban Power

Biden's Power to Ban TikTok: A Step Towards National Security

The U.S. House panel recently passed a bill granting President Joe Biden the power to ban TikTok within the United States. This would affect Android users, who make up the bulk of TikTok’s estimated 100 million U.S. users. The legislation is backed by both Democrats and Republicans, and is seen as a way to protect Americans from potential threats posed by foreign-owned apps.

TikTok presents a unique security risk due to its Chinese ownership, and its ability to track user activity and data. If enacted, the bill would require the President to research the security risks of any app owned by a foreign country, and issue a ban if deemed necessary.

Biden'S Power To Ban Tiktok A Step Towards National Security
Biden’S Power To Ban Tiktok A Step Towards National Security

Though the bill likely has the support to pass, it’s not a done deal. Many opponents to the bill argue that it unfairly targets TikTok, pointing to other apps owned by foreign countries that have not been subjected to the same scrutiny. Additionally, some have pointed out the possibility of censorship, as the president could use the power to target apps for political reasons.

The bill still has a long way to go before becoming law, but it is evidence of an important shift in the way we think about foreign-owned apps. Security threats from abroad have become a larger priority, and it’s evident that the U.S. government is taking steps to ensure the safety of its citizens. It’s clear that this debate is far from over, and we’ll be watching as the story develops.


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