Why Gmail Client-Side Encryption (CSE) Is A Game-Changer For Business Security

Protecting Sensitive Information With Gmail Client-Side Encryption

Google has announced the availability of client-side encryption (CSE) for some of its Workspace applications. CSE is an additional layer of security to help protect your data, documents, folders, and emails from unauthorized access. With CSE, every file is encrypted before it leaves the device, meaning it is encrypted all the way to the server.

Protecting Sensitive Information With Gmail Client-Side Encryption
Protecting Sensitive Information With Gmail Client-Side Encryption

The CSE feature provides users with an easy-to-implement solution for additional data protection, which is ideal for organizations that need to store confidential information. CSE also reduces the risk of data breaches, as data encryption makes it harder for hackers to access information even if they manage to breach the server.

The CSE feature is accessible from the Google Workspace Admin Console. To get started, select the application you want to enable CSE on and then click “Enable Client-Side Encryption”. Once CSE is enabled, you can then control how the encryption keys are distributed and manage user authentication.

With CSE, Google offers a reliable way to protect your data in the cloud. By making CSE available for Workspace applications, Google is enabling organizations to secure their data with an additional layer of protection. Consequently, this will help to protect confidential information and improve compliance with data protection regulations.


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