Android 14 Beta 5 Arrives for Google Pixel Devices

Beta 5 for Android 14: Pixel Users Get a Preview of the Upcoming Release

Google is currently distributing Android 14 Beta 5 Pixel devices, including phones, tablets and foldable devices. This upgrade comes about a month after the previous major update was released, which now features the latest planned improvements.

“As the official version of Android 14 approaches, Beta 5 is being unveiled today. This milestone gets important in our Android 14 Beta program. It provides a crucial opportunity to ensure your applications are compatible and you’ve accumulated valuable insights before Android.” It will be available to users beyond the 14 beta phase.”

Beta 5 For Android 14 Pixel Users Get A Preview
Beta 5 For Android 14 Pixel Users Get A Preview

Android 14 Beta 5 Key Features and Improvements

This release signifies the third Platform Stable Android 14 launch, tailored for the ultimate assessment of application performance. It successfully addresses a spectrum of identified issues and concerns, such as:

  • Correction of the anomaly where TalkBack emitted erroneous audio after unlocking the device through a PIN.
  • Resolution of the excessive battery drain incurred by Wi-Fi scanning.
  • Rectification of a visual distortion issue within certain images, characterized by extraneous shadow artifacts.
  • Elimination of an anomaly where the anticipated fingerprint sensor icon was absent under specific circumstances.
  • Activation of voice over Wi-Fi as the default setting, resolving a prior issue.
  • Resolution of the predicament on Pixel Fold devices, where loss of antenna ranging session data resulted in unrecoverable states.
  • Eradication of an occurrence where specific applications displayed an unwanted white bar.
  • Rectification of background color inconsistencies within the user interface utilized for the addition of home screen shortcuts.
  • Elimination of recurrent launcher malfunctions causing crashes and impairments in operational quality.
  • Resolution of the complication experienced on Pixel tablets, where user interaction during the transition from the screen saver to the low-light clock induced a SysUI crash.
  • Rectification of a malfunction on Pixel Fold devices, where tactile inputs failed to awaken the device.
  • Alignment of system button positions on Pixel Fold devices after the folding and unfolding actions to eliminate inconsistencies.
  • Resolution of a scenario causing SysUI crashes during the removal of a paired application in landscape orientation.
  • Resolution of the anomaly where the launcher failed to render completely after the initial setup.
  • Correction of an issue where the system erroneously indicated an inaccurate mobile connection type.
  • Restoration of the ability to re-enter an application after navigating back, preventing users from being inadvertently locked out.
  • Rectification of the instances where wallpaper previews displayed blank content.
  • Rectification of an aberration where the system theme transitioned from yellow to pink following a reboot.
  • Elimination of the overscroll anomaly within the ScrollView functionality.
  • Improvement of visibility for specific color palettes on the lock screen.
  • Resolution of the incompatibility hindering the activation of battery sharing in the presence of a work profile on the device.
  • Resolution of the issue leading to untimely deactivation of the tablet screen while docked.
  • Rectification of a scenario where the device policy manager impeded the display of notifications.
  • Rectification of an issue inhibiting the expansion of group notifications.
  • Alignment of the clock display on the lock screen to its intended appearance.
  • Resolution of diverse camera-related malfunctions, including crashes and compromised image quality.
  • Rectification of excessive power consumption during video playback.
  • Resolution of a rendering anomaly affecting the Weather clock display.
  • Rectification of the inconsistency between the preview and the actual outcome of lock screen customization.
  • Resolution of the malfunction causing crashes within the wallpaper selection interface.
  • Restoration of the ability of Pixel devices to establish connections with certain routers.
  • Rectification of the toast search result anomaly, characterized by insufficient contrast with the background color.
  • Resolution of an issue preventing notifications from being accessed by tapping before facial unlock.
  • Rectification of the display anomaly on Pixel Fold devices, where dual clocks appeared concurrently during widescreen usage.
  • Elimination of a scenario causing widgets to overlap and stack erroneously.
  • Correction of the anomaly where closing the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) window failed to halt YouTube playback.
  • Resolution of the complication involving the switching of call audio sources.
  • Rectification of the occurrence where, after unlocking the device, only the background was visible.
  • Resolution of the anomaly associated with the dragging of folders for removal.

For users encountering challenges or wishing to report problems related to Android 14 Beta 5, the avenue of Android Beta Feedback is accessible on Pixel devices. This feature is conveniently located within the app drawer or can be accessed via Quick Settings, providing a platform to submit bugs to the Google issue tracker. Additionally, the Android Beta community on Reddit serves as another outlet for engagement and support.

The Android 14 Beta 5 release, denoted as UPB5.230623.003 and accompanied by the August 2023 security patch, is available for an array of Pixel devices, including Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7a, Pixel Tablet, Pixel Fold, and the Android Emulator.

While the majority of users will opt for installation through the Android Beta Program, alternate methods like flashing or sideloading are also viable options. If you require guidance, a comprehensive tutorial detailing the steps for installing Android 14 is at your disposal.


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