iFixit Now Offers Pixel 7a Components Alongside Repair Guides

Pixel 7a Restoration Simplified: iFixit Releases Genuine Components and Detailed Manuals

iFixit has recently expanded its catalog to encompass authentic Pixel 7a components for repair, which made its debut in May. Accompanying Pixel 7a components are meticulous, step-by-step guides that facilitate the replacement process.

The front glass digitizer screen of the Pixel 7a, boasting a generous 6.1-inch 1080 x 2400 OLED display, replete with an under-display fingerprint scanner, is available at a price point of $102.99. Should one desire to include iFixit’s specialized tools within the purchase, the cost becomes $109.99.

In the realm of cost analysis, a prudent comparison is drawn against the equivalent component of the Pixel 6a, revealing a price tag of $92.99 for the latter.

Ifixit Releases Genuine Pixel 7A Components And Detailed Manuals
Ifixit Releases Genuine Pixel 7A Components And Detailed Manuals

Moreover, a 4,300 mAh battery is presented at a consistent value of $32.99, mirroring the cost of the corresponding Pixel 6a battery.

For those with an inclination towards aesthetic distinction, a rear cover is on offer, purchasable at $44.99. This cover is available in a quartet of color choices: Blue (Sky), Dark Gray (Charcoal), Red (Coral), and White (Snow). This selection empowers users to fashion a dual-tone design, thereby lending an element of personalization to their devices.

Furthermore, the photographic prowess of the Pixel 7a is augmented through a Wide Angle Rear camera, attainable at $59.99, and an Ultra Wide Rear camera, available for $29.99.

The panorama of offerings is not confined solely to these central components; rather, it expands to encompass an array of supplementary items. Among these are screen enclosure adhesive, a rear camera holder, a logic board thermal pad, mmWave adhesive, flashlight adhesive, a rear cover adhesive set, screen film, and battery adhesive.

Notably, the synergistic alliance between Google and iFixit endures in the domain of repairs, extending seamlessly to encompass the Pixel 7a, with future prospects of incorporation extending to the impending Pixel Fold.

Should one seek elucidation on the repair process, comprehensive guides are readily accessible through iFixit’s online platform.


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