A Stealthy Method to Steal Data from Google Drive Identified

Mitiga Security Discovers Flaw in Google Drive Logging System

Method to Steal Data from Google Drive Identified

A stealthy method to steal data from Google Drive has been dentified. In an alarming revelation, cybersecurity researchers from Mitiga Security have discovered a method that enables hackers to silently steal data from Google Drive accounts. This technique allows threat actors to bypass any logging or record-keeping mechanisms, leaving no trace of their actions. The implications of this vulnerability are significant, as victims remain unaware of the stolen files, making it challenging to assess potential risks such as identity theft or wire fraud.

The Problem with Google Workspace Free License

Google Drive users without a paid license for Google Workspace face a critical security gap which allows hackers to steal data from Google Drive. For these users, no logging or record-taking occurs in their private drive. Hackers can exploit this flaw by compromising a cloud storage account and subsequently revoking the paid license. This action downgrades the account to the costless “Cloud Identity Free” license, effectively disabling any logging features. With complete invisibility, hackers can exfiltrate files without leaving a single trace, except for the indication that a paid license was revoked.

Mitiga Security’s Findings and Notification to Google

Mitiga Security, renowned cybersecurity researchers, discovered this vulnerability and promptly notified Google of their findings. However, as of now, Google has not responded to the disclosure. This underscores the urgency of raising awareness about this issue and the need for Google to address the logging gap to enhance the security of its users’ data.

Potential Security Breach That Steal Data From Google Drive
Google Drive Potential Security Breach

Importance of Identifying Stolen Files in Data Breaches

Accurate identification of stolen files is a crucial step in the post-mortem or hacking forensics process following a data breach. Knowing which files have been compromised allows victims to assess the potential risks associated with the breach, such as identity theft, wire fraud, or other malicious activities. Without a comprehensive understanding of the stolen data, individuals and organizations cannot take appropriate action to mitigate the damage.

The Role of Logging for IT Security

Proper logging is a standard practice for IT teams to track and detect potential security breaches. It acts as an essential preventive measure to identify and respond to threats before they cause significant harm. Logging provides valuable information about unauthorized access attempts, suspicious activities, or anomalies within the system. In addition to its security benefits, logging also fulfills compliance requirements and enhances accountability within an organization.

By addressing the logging gap, Google can strengthen the security of its users’ data, enabling timely detection of unauthorized access and minimizing the risk of undetected data breaches.


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