Leaked Concepts Show Apple's Plans for Wallet, Health, and Wallpaper in iOS 17

Leaked Concepts Show Apple's Plans for Wallet, Health, and Wallpaper in iOS 17

iOS 17 Updates to Wallet, Health, and Wallpapers Revealed in Leaked Renders

As we are approaching the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, rumors about Apple’s iOS 17 are surfacing. According to @analyst941, who previously accurately predicted certain details of iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island ahead of its release, the upcoming update will bring changes to the Wallet app, Health app, and wallpaper picker interface. The source has revealed some alleged renders to visualize what these app redesigns may look like. Let’s delve deeper into the rumored updates.

The new Wallet app

The new Wallet app in iOS 17 is expected to feature an updated interface that offers search functionality and separate tabs for cards and passes such as airline boarding passes. Additionally, iOS 17 will reportedly add a bottom navigation bar to the Wallet app, with dedicated tabs for “Cash,” “Keys, “IDs,” and “Orders.” This would make it more convenient for users to find their desired items quickly.

Ios 17 Wallet
Ios 17 Wallet Courtesy Analyst941

The new Health app

The Health app in iOS 17 is also rumored to undergo significant changes. The favorites tab in the Health app is said to have a revamped interface. Instead of scrolling down, users can view more metrics using smaller square-shaped tiles. This redesign could be a welcome change, especially for users who like to keep an eye on their health data regularly.

Ios 17 Health App Courtesy Analyst941
Ios 17 Health App Courtesy Analyst941

The new wallpaper picker interface

Changing and customizing wallpapers on an iPhone may soon become easier, with the new wallpaper picker interface in iOS 17. According to the @analyst941 source, the new interface will feature a grid view displaying nine or more wallpapers at once. Users can delete wallpapers quickly within the grid view, rearrange the order of wallpapers, and share or duplicate wallpapers by swiping up in single-view. The new design would provide a faster and more intuitive way to customize the iPhone’s look.

However, as with any rumors, it is important to take these alleged leaks with a grain of salt. It is possible that some or all of these changes may not make it to the final release of iOS 17. But if they do, they would certainly make a difference in the way users interact with their iPhones.

The rumored updates to the Wallet app, Health app, and wallpaper picker interface in iOS 17 seem promising. However, until the official release of iOS 17, it is difficult to say how much of these rumors will turn out to be true. Nonetheless, if these updates do come to fruition, they will undoubtedly improve the overall user experience on iPhones.


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