Nothing CMF Smartwatch Leak Reveals Innovative Design

Nothing CMF Smartwatch Leak Showcases Bold Design

NothingCMF smartwatch leak reveals innovative design. In a recent turn of events, Nothing, the pioneering tech company, has unveiled a sneak peek into their forthcoming smartwatch through an intriguing leak. As part of their newly established sub-brand “CMF,” this leak not only showcases the innovative “Watch Pro” but also sheds light on a range of other products poised for release.

Alchimist Leaks, a reliable source known for sharing insider information, has shared banners on Telegram that purportedly unveil internal marketing materials from “CMF by Nothing.” These promotional materials tease three intriguing products: a high-powered 65W GaN 3-port USB-C charger, cutting-edge noise-cancelling earbuds named “Buds Pro,” and the highly anticipated “Watch Pro” smartwatch.

The “Watch Pro” takes center stage as Nothing‘s maiden voyage into the smartwatch arena. The most striking element is its unconventional square display, adorned with elegantly rounded corners. A distinctive orange strap seamlessly integrates with the watch’s body, intriguingly without visible lugs. The method of attachment suggests either a proprietary mechanism or a purposeful immobility, hinting at the device’s unique design philosophy.

Nothing Cmf Smartwatch Leak Showcases Bold Design
Nothing Cmf Smartwatch Leak Showcases Bold Design

Delving into the technical specifications, the “Watch Pro” boasts a 1.96-inch AMOLED display, boasting always-on functionality. While it’s noteworthy that the display achieves a peak brightness of 600 nits (as opposed to Pixel Watch’s 1,000 nits), it maintains a smooth 50Hz refresh rate. The watch’s software promises a treasure trove of 100 watch faces and an impressive selection of over 100 supported workouts. A suite of sensors includes heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, complemented by stress and sleep tracking capabilities. Notably, the smartwatch boasts Bluetooth-enabled call handling with advanced “AI noise reduction.” The battery life is equally remarkable, reportedly lasting up to 13 days with the always-on display feature turned off.

Straying from the traditional, the “Watch Pro” ventures beyond the realm of Wear OS, embracing a distinctive identity that aligns with Nothing’s unique vision. This divergence from the expected is consistent with CMF’s budget-conscious approach and the candid attitude of CEO Carl Pei, who previously referred to the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro as “useless.”

While this venture into uniqueness is compelling, the icing on the cake is the projected cost. The “Watch Pro” is rumored to hit the Indian market at just Rs 4,500, translating to approximately $55 in US dollars (though one fragment of leaked material suggests $69). With the “Watch Pro” alongside CMF’s anticipated earbuds and charging solution on the horizon, the anticipated release in late September is set to usher in a new wave of innovation and tech-driven possibilities.


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