Microsoft Edge to Remove Select Features in Upcoming Version

User-Centric Approach: Microsoft Edge's Feature Simplification in Latest Updates

In a surprising move, Microsoft Edge the internet browser that many people use, is making some changes. The new version of Microsoft Edge has been around for a while and is known for being a good choice for browsing the web. However, in a recent update, the browser is getting rid of a few features that you might not have known about.

This news came out last week and was highlighted by a source called Neowin. With the release of Edge version 117, which is currently being tested before it’s fully available, Microsoft Edge will no longer have five features. These are:

  1. Math Solver
  2. Picture Dictionary
  3. Citations
  4. Grammar Tools
  5. Kids Mode

According to Microsoft, these features are being removed to make things simpler and improve the experience for users. It’s also likely that these features weren’t used by many people because not everyone knew they were there.

Microsoft Edge'S Feature Simplification In Latest Updates
Microsoft Edge’S Feature Simplification In Latest Updates

For example, Citations was announced in 2021 but later hidden in a menu called “More tools.” Some of these features are available outside of Edge, like Math Solver, which can be used as a separate app on phones.

One of the features that might be missed the most is Kids Mode. This was introduced in 2021 and allowed parents to control what their kids could do online. It included things like better protection from tracking and strict SafeSearch settings. Some people thought this was a great feature that other browsers like Google Chrome should copy.

So, Microsoft is making these changes to Edge to make it more user-friendly and less cluttered. Even though some of these features might be missed, it’s all about making the browser work better for everyone as things keep changing in the world of technology.


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