Safari Beats Edge as Second-Most Used Browser in April

Safari Regains Second Place as Most Used Desktop Browser in April 2023

Safari Beats Edge as Second-Most Used Browser in April

The browser wars have been ongoing for decades, with users fiercely loyal to their preferred browser. Last year, Microsoft Edge surpassed Safari as the second most popular desktop browser. However, new data from Statcounter shows that Apple’s browser has finally regained second place.

The Full Ranking

The full ranking shows that Google Chrome remains the most used browser, with a significant lead over the competition. However, it’s also interesting to note that after Firefox almost surpassed Safari in February of 2022, the browser is still losing its base to Microsoft Edge and Safari. Even the all-mighty Google Chrome has lost a bit of userbase, as it had 66.64% of users last April and now has 66.13%.

Most Used Browsers
Most Used Browsers

Here are the final rankings (with data from April 2023):

Google Chrome: 66.13%

Google Chrome remains the most popular browser in the world, with over two-thirds of users preferring it. Its speed, reliability, and extensive library of extensions make it a top choice for both casual and power users.

Safari: 11.87%

After falling to third place last year, Safari has made a comeback and regained its position as the second-most used browser. Its integration with Apple’s ecosystem, including iCloud, is a major selling point for Mac and iOS users.

Microsoft Edge: 11%

Microsoft Edge, which replaced Internet Explorer, has been gaining popularity in recent years. Its integration with Microsoft’s suite of products, including Windows and Office, makes it a top choice for business users.

Firefox: 5.65%

Firefox has long been a popular alternative to Google Chrome, offering more privacy and customization options. However, its market share has been steadily declining in recent years.

Opera: 3.09%

Opera has a loyal following of users who appreciate its speed and built-in ad-blocking features. However, it remains a relatively niche browser compared to the top players.

Internet Explorer: 0.55%

Internet Explorer, once the most popular browser in the world, has been on a steady decline for years. Microsoft is now focusing on developing Edge and has announced plans to retire Internet Explorer in the near future.

Why Did Safari Regain Second Place?

There are several reasons why Safari regained its position as the second-most used browser. First and foremost, Apple has been heavily promoting its browser in recent months, highlighting its speed and privacy features. Additionally, Safari has a significant advantage among Mac and iOS users, who make up a large portion of the market.

Another factor is Microsoft Edge’s rise in popularity, which has taken some market share away from Google Chrome and Firefox. With more users switching to Edge, Safari was able to gain ground and regain second place.

The Future of Browsers

It’s difficult to predict the future of browsers, as new players could emerge and disrupt the current rankings. However, it’s clear that Google Chrome will remain the dominant browser for the foreseeable future. Its massive library of extensions and integration with Google’s suite of products make it an attractive choice for many users.

However, Safari and Microsoft Edge will continue to be strong contenders, especially among Mac and business users, respectively. Firefox and Opera may continue to decline unless they can offer significant new features and improvements.

Safari has regained its position as the second-most used desktop browser, surpassing Microsoft Edge. While Google Chrome remains the dominant player, it’s clear that there is still competition in the browser market. With new features and updates constantly being developed, it’s anyone’s guess as to which browser will come out on top in the future.


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