The Ripple Effect Of Key Executive Departures At Apple

The Implications Of High-level Departures At Apple

The Ripple Effect Of Key Executive Departures At Apple

Apple is facing an unprecedented wave of executive departures. Over a stretch that began in the second half of 2022, Apple has lost about a dozen high-ranking executives. Apple recently experienced unprecedented turnover with eleven vice presidents departing from their positions. This included leaders in industrial design, the online store, information systems, cloud efforts, hardware and software engineering, privacy matters, sales in emerging markets, subscription services and procurement. This has been a particularly difficult time for Apple but provides an opportunity to rebuild with new talent.

List of Few Executives That Recently Left Apple

Recent executive departures have been met not with replacements from outside the company, but rather with responsibilities being redistributed amongst current staff. For instance, following Deirde O’Brien’s departure as retail boss, her role was taken over by a newly appointed chief people officer. Similarly, Mary Demby and David Smoley were succeeded by a new chief information officer while Anna Matthiasson was replaced by one of her former direct reports and a VP in charge of emerging markets by both India Managing Director Ashish Chowdhary and Europe Senior Director Juan Castellanos. Furthermore, Laura Legros’ former duties in hardware engineering were given to Yannick Bertolus – who then appointed Tom Marieb as his successor.

The Implications Of High-Level Departures At Apple
The Implications Of High-Level Departures At Apple

Factors Contributing to Executive Departures

There are a variety of factors that could be causing the exodus of key executives at Apple. Recent changes in leadership, could be contributing to the departures. The departure of key executives could also be due to a lack of innovation from Apple, as the company struggles to keep up with its competitors in terms of developing new products and services. Additionally, it is possible that some executives may be leaving for other opportunities or because they are unhappy with their current roles within the company.

Steps Apple Needs To Take

To cope with the departures, Apple should focus on finding and promoting strong replacements for these positions. Apple should also look to foster a culture of creativity and innovation that will help attract talented executives to fill these roles. Additionally, Apple should consider implementing new policies and procedures that will help retain its current executives and create a more secure and stable working environment.

One way Apple can create a more secure working environment is by providing better job security to its employees. Job security is an important factor in employee retention, as employees want to know that their job is safe and they won’t be let go unexpectedly. Additionally, Apple should consider offering better benefits and incentives to its employees, such as flexible working hours and more paid leave. By making sure its employees feel supported, Apple can ensure that they are motivated to remain with the company.

Apple should also make sure that it is investing in its employees by providing them with training and development opportunities. This can help ensure that employees have the skills and knowledge needed to succeed within their roles. Additionally, Apple should focus on creating an inclusive environment where all employees feel valued and have a chance to contribute their ideas. By creating an environment where everyone feels included and appreciated, Apple can ensure that its employees are happy and motivated to stay with the company.

Finally, Apple should make sure that it is providing transparency within its organization. Allowing employees to understand how decisions are made and what factors go into those decisions can help build trust between the company and its employees. Additionally, providing feedback on performance can help ensure that employees are held accountable for their work and rewarded for their successes.


It is clear that Apple is facing an unprecedented wave of executive departures. In order to overcome this challenge, Apple must focus on finding strong replacements for these positions and fostering a culture of creativity and innovation. Additionally, new policies and procedures must be implemented to create a more secure and stable working environment. By addressing this issue and taking the necessary steps to move forward, Apple can ensure that it remains competitive in the industry and continues to develop innovative products and services.


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