Nubia Mobile Has Officially Announced Nubia Z50 Ultra Photographer’s Edition

Unveiling the Nubia Z50 Ultra Photographer’s Edition: A Photographer's Dream

Nubia Mobile has officially announced the Nubia Z50 Ultra Photographers Edition, a flagship smartphone that caters specifically to photography enthusiasts. Priced at 4799 yuan ($678), this device offers impressive specifications, including 16GB of RAM and a spacious 512GB of storage. Scheduled for sale on May 31st at 20:00, the Nubia Z50 Ultra Photographer’s Edition is set to make waves in the market. In this article, we will delve into the remarkable features of this smartphone, designed to provide an exceptional photographic experience.

Classic SLR Design with a Modern Twist

The Nubia Z50 Ultra Photographer’s Edition draws inspiration from the timeless design of traditional cameras. It features a Classic SLR color combination and comes in two elegant options: Black Curry and Khaki. These color choices pay homage to the sophistication and allure of classic photography equipment. Adding to its distinctive appeal, the device boasts a unique texture created using dual 3D laser engraving, which combines leather and glass to provide a distinct tactile experience.

Nubia’s Commitment to Excellence in Mobile Photography

Ni Fei, the President of ZTE Terminal Division and Nubia Technology Co., Ltd., emphasizes Nubia’s dedication to excellence in mobile photography. He recognizes the intricate interplay between focal length, aperture, pixels, sensors, and other factors that contribute to outstanding photographic results. Nubia’s aim is to find the “sweet spot” where all these elements converge harmoniously, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable.

Nubia Z50 Ultra Photographer Edition
Nubia Z50 Ultra Photographer Edition

Stunning Display and Powerful Performance

The Nubia Z50 Ultra Photographer’s Edition features a 6.8-inch Full HD+ AMOLED 20:9 aspect ratio flexible curved screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. This immersive display ensures vibrant colors and smooth visuals, enhancing the overall user experience. Powering the device is the octa-core Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 4nm Mobile Platform with Adreno 740 GPU, delivering robust performance for multitasking and demanding applications.

Captivating Photography Capabilities

When it comes to photography, the Nubia Z50 Ultra Photographer’s Edition does not disappoint. It incorporates a versatile camera setup to capture stunning images from every perspective. The smartphone boasts a 64MP primary camera with LED flash and OIS, enabling users to capture detailed and well-balanced photos. Additionally, it features a 50MP 116° ultrawide camera, expanding the field of view and allowing for impressive landscape shots. For distant subjects, the device includes a 50MP periscope telephoto camera, offering excellent zoom capabilities without compromising image quality.

Immersive Selfie Experience and Enhanced Security

The Nubia Z50 Ultra Photographer’s Edition prioritizes the selfie experience with a 16MP under-display front-facing camera. This discreet placement ensures uninterrupted screen real estate, enabling users to immerse themselves fully in the visual content. Furthermore, the smartphone incorporates an in-display fingerprint sensor, providing convenient and secure unlocking options.

A Host of Additional Features

Apart from its exceptional photography features, the Nubia Z50 Ultra Photographer’s Edition offers a range of other notable specifications. The smartphone supports USB Type-C audio, delivering high-quality sound for an immersive audio experience. With dual smart PA and stereo dual speakers supported by DTS: X Ultra technology, users can enjoy enhanced audio performance and clarity. The device also supports 5G connectivity, ensuring fast and reliable network speeds. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.2, and GPS/GLONASS capabilities further enhance theconnectivity options for users.

Long-lasting Battery and Fast Charging

To keep up with the demands of photography enthusiasts, the Nubia Z50 Ultra Photographer’s Edition is equipped with a powerful 5000mAh battery. This high-capacity battery ensures extended usage without the need for frequent recharging. Additionally, the device supports 80W fast charging, allowing users to quickly recharge their phone and get back to capturing precious moments.


The Nubia Z50 Ultra Photographer’s Edition is a flagship smartphone designed to meet the needs and aspirations of photography enthusiasts. With its classic SLR design, impressive camera capabilities, stunning display, and powerful performance, this device is set to elevate the mobile photography experience. Nubia’s commitment to excellence in mobile photography shines through in every aspect of the device, delivering outstanding results for users. The Nubia Z50 Ultra Photographer’s Edition is a testament to Nubia’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in smartphone photography.


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