Anonfiles Shuts Down Amidst Rampant Abuse and Threats

Anonfiles Ceases Operations Amidst Rising Misuse and Cybersecurity Concerns

Anonfiles shuts down operations amidst rampant abuse and threats. Anonfiles, a well-known anonymous file-sharing platform, has taken the decision to cease its operations due to a significant surge in misuse by its users.

This service, which permitted individuals to share files anonymously while refraining from recording user actions, unfortunately evolved into a central hub for threat actors to exchange purloined information and copyrighted materials.

Approximately five days prior, users began to encounter issues, specifically upload timeouts, which indicated underlying problems within the platform’s functioning.

Anonfiles Shuts Down Operations

In a recent revelation, g0njxa, a cybersecurity researcher, disclosed that the administrators of Anonfiles have officially shuttered the service. The cited reasons encompass the service being forced into closure by its proxy provider, coupled with an incapability to effectively oversee the mounting influx of abusive content.

Anonfiles Ceases Operations Amidst Rising Misuse
Anonfiles Ceases Operations Amidst Rising Misuse

According to emerging reports, Anonfiles purportedly engaged in affiliations with dubious advertisers, subsequently leading to the proliferation of malicious software, including malware, deceptive technical support scams, and unwarranted browser extensions.

Frequently, users found themselves involuntarily redirected to deceptive websites. These sites would prompt the downloading of files carrying ISO designations, ostensibly benign but in reality laden with detrimental malware. Such harmful software includes data-stealing agents and insidious trojans.

Previous documented instances have linked Anonfiles to instances of malvertising, wherein the distribution of the RedLine Stealer malware, as well as the instigation of search hijacks, the propagation of the Amadey botnet, the dissemination of the Vidar stealer, and the deployment of the notorious STOP ransomware were involved.

As a direct outcome of this cessation, Anonfiles is actively in pursuit of a prospective buyer for its domain. Such a development could potentially pave the way for the emergence of a novel file-sharing service.

The ramifications of this shutdown reverberate across multiple spheres. On one hand, it poses temporary limitations for cybersecurity researchers who extensively relied upon the platform for investigative purposes. On the other, it impedes the activities of threat actors, thereby restricting their access to the platform and rendering files inaccessible for the time being.


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