Enhance Your Smart TV Experience with Android TV 14 Beta 1's Phone Call Support

Enhance Your Smart TV Experience with Android TV 14 Beta 1's Phone Call Support

The latest release of Android TV, Android TV 14 Beta 1, introduces a groundbreaking feature that will transform the way we interact with our smart TVs. Phone call support allows users to receive incoming call notifications on their Android TV and answer those calls directly through supported apps. This feature brings seamless integration between our favorite shows and communication, eliminating the need to switch devices. Alongside phone call support, Android TV 14 Beta 1 presents several other functionality updates, including HDR controls, power management features, and improved audio device management.

Phone Call Support on Android TV

Phone call support marks a significant advancement in the capabilities of smart TVs. As Mishaal Rahman states, users logged in to their profile will receive notifications for incoming calls directly on their Android TV screen. This feature enables a smooth transition from entertainment to communication, all within the same device. Moreover, Android TV’s phone call support opens up new possibilities for video conferencing on the big screen. Supported apps allow users to conduct video calls directly from their Android TV, making it ideal for larger groups or families to gather around the TV for interactive conversations.

Comparison to Apple TV

In a recent announcement, Apple revealed its plans to bring FaceTime to tvOS 17 and the Apple TV 4K. This indicates a growing trend in enabling televisions to serve as communication devices. With Android TV 14 Beta 1’s phone call support, Android TV users can now enjoy similar capabilities and stay connected with their loved ones through video calls on the big screen.

Android Tv 14 Beta
Android Tv 14 Beta

Other Noteworthy Updates in Android TV 14 Beta 1

Android TV 14 Beta 1 introduces several additional updates that enhance the overall viewing experience. HDR controls give users the freedom to force a specific HDR format or switch to SDR (Standard Dynamic Range). This empowers viewers to customize their HDR experience based on personal preferences and the capabilities of their TV. The power management features include an energy mode toggle with various options, allowing users to optimize network usage and conserve power according to their requirements. Furthermore, Android TV 14 improves audio device management, streamlining the pairing process and enhancing compatibility with Bluetooth audio devices.

Final Words

Android TV 14 Beta 1 revolutionizes the capabilities of smart TVs with its phone call support and a range of exciting updates. Answer incoming calls and conduct video conferences seamlessly through supported apps. Customize your HDR experience, optimize power management, and enjoy enhanced audio device management. As smart TVs continue to evolve, Android TV remains at the forefront, delivering new and innovative features to enhance your entertainment experience.

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