Apple Is Reportedly Working On Touchscreen Macs

How Touchscreen Macs Will Redefine Productivity and Creativity

Apple Is Reportedly Working On Touchscreen Macs

Apple is rumored to be working on a new type of Mac computer that will feature a touchscreen. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple engineers are “actively engaged” in the development of a Mac with a touchscreen, and one of the first Macs with a touchscreen could be an OLED version of the MacBook Pro. This is an exciting development for Apple fans, as the company is known for pushing the boundaries of innovation with their products. In this blog, we will discuss the current technology in Macs, the features of the new touchscreen Macs, and the benefits they offer. We will also explore what Mark Gurman has to say about the development of these new Macs.

What Features Will the Touchscreen Macs Have?

The rumored touchscreen Macs will likely feature some of the same features as their non-touchscreen counterparts. However, they will also likely feature some new features that are specifically designed for touchscreen use. These could include gesture controls, such as swiping and pinching to zoom, as well as support for drawing and writing on the screen. It is also likely that the new Macs will feature OLED displays, which are brighter and more vibrant than traditional LCD displays.

How Touchscreen Macs Will Redefine Productivity And Creativity
How Touchscreen Macs Will Redefine Productivity And Creativity

What Are the Benefits of Touchscreen Macs?

There are several potential benefits to using touchscreen Macs. For starters, they offer a more intuitive way to interact with your computer. Rather than relying solely on a mouse and keyboard, users can simply touch and swipe on the screen to perform various tasks. This can make tasks such as editing photos or videos easier and more efficient. Additionally, the OLED displays on these machines will provide users with more vivid colors and sharper images than traditional LCD displays.

What Does Mark Gurman Have To Say?

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has been following the development of these touchscreen Macs closely. According to Gurman, Apple engineers are actively engaged in the development process, and one of the first Macs with a touchscreen could be an OLED version of the MacBook Pro. Gurman also noted that Apple is looking into other features for these machines, such as facial recognition and support for augmented reality applications.


The rumored touchscreen Macs from Apple could revolutionize how people interact with their computers. These machines will offer users intuitive gesture controls, vivid OLED displays, and potentially even facial recognition and augmented reality support. While there is still no official word from Apple on when these machines will be released, it is clear that they are actively engaged in their development. If these rumors turn out to be true, then Apple fans are in for an exciting new product line in the near future!


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