How to Get a 36-Month Game Pass Ultimate for Cheap

Save Big on Game Pass: How to Score a 36-Month Ultimate Subscription on a Shoestring Budget

Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo are all competing for gamers’ attention. While Sony is currently ahead with the PS5, Microsoft is striving to close the gap. One of Microsoft’s most powerful weapons is Game Pass, a service that offers access to a wide variety of games for a monthly fee. Typically priced at $10 per month, Microsoft now provides an opportunity to acquire a 36-month Game Pass Ultimate subscription for less than $70. In this article, we will explore the details and methods to obtain this cost-effective offer.

Understanding Game Pass Versions

Microsoft offers three versions of Game Pass: one for PC users, one for Xbox owners, and Game Pass Ultimate, which combines both. The prices for these plans vary depending on the country due to companies adjusting their prices to reflect local economic conditions. This creates loopholes that individuals living in other countries can exploit. For instance, while Game Pass Ultimate costs $14.99 per month in the US, it is only $1.74 per month in Turkey. Yes, you read it correctly—you can also purchase a 36-month subscription at this incredibly low price. However, it’s important to note that Xbox has recently increased prices in some countries with local pricing, so time is limited to seize this opportunity. The deadline to purchase a Game Pass at the current price is July 6th. Let’s explore the steps to save money on Game Pass.

Game Pass Ultimate Gift Card
Game Pass Ultimate Gift Card

Method One: Utilizing a VPN and Creating a Turkish Account

  1. Get a VPN and set your location to Turkey: Use a reputable VPN service to change your virtual location to Turkey. This will allow you to access the local price for Game Pass Ultimate.
  2. Create a new Microsoft account: As your existing account is linked to your current location, it cannot be used. Therefore, create a new Microsoft account and ensure that the location is set to Turkey.
  3. Get a prepaid bank card linked to establishments in Turkey: Search online for reputable institutions in Turkey that allow you to open an account online. Alternatively, you can ask a friend in Turkey for assistance. Make sure to conduct thorough research before selecting a specific prepaid bank.
  4. Start your subscription: Once you’ve completed the above steps, you can begin your subscription by clicking the “Join” button on the Game Pass Ultimate page. The cost will be 44.99 TL. However, this is not the end of the process. To continue your subscription, click “Extend Subscription” on the same page. Unfortunately, Microsoft Turkey only allows the purchase of multi-month subscriptions. Therefore, you’ll need to repeat the process. Keep in mind that the extension option may occasionally disappear. In such cases, you must turn off the auto-renewal option.

Note: We cannot recommend any specific prepaid bank, but Turkey has several reputable institutions where you can open an account online. Ensure you choose one wisely.

Method Two: Using a Game Pass Ultimate Gift Card

Purchase a Game Pass Ultimate gift card from a Turkish e-commerce site: If you prefer a simpler alternative to the previous method, you can buy a Game Pass Ultimate gift card from an e-commerce site in Turkey. Use a VPN to create a Turkish account and redeem the code from the gift card to obtain a 36-month subscription. However, please note that the prices in Turkey have increased, making this option potentially more expensive. It is also worth mentioning that you can follow a similar process for a standard Game Pass subscription, but the extension period is limited to 12 months.


By leveraging regional pricing differences and following the methods outlined above, you can save a significant amount of money while enjoying the benefits of a 36-month Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Whether you opt for Method One, which involves utilizing a VPN and creating a Turkish account, or choose Method Two, which involves purchasing a Game Pass Ultimate gift card, both approaches offer opportunities to access Game Pass at highly attractive prices. Act quickly as the deadline to purchase at the current price is July 6th.


Is it legal to use a VPN to change my location for purchasing Game Pass?

Yes, it is legal to use a VPN for this purpose. However, make sure to comply with the terms and conditions of the services you use.

Can I use my existing Microsoft account for the Turkish Game Pass subscription?

No, you need to create a new Microsoft account specifically for this purpose.

Are there any risks or potential issues with changing my location for Game Pass?

While the methods described in this article have been proven effective, there may be occasional changes or restrictions imposed by Microsoft. It’s important to stay informed and adapt accordingly.

Can I purchase Game Pass Ultimate gift cards from any e-commerce site in Turkey?

It is advisable to purchase from reputable e-commerce sites to ensure the authenticity and validity of the gift cards.

Is the Game Pass Ultimate gift card option available in countries other than Turkey?

The availability of Game Pass Ultimate gift cards may vary by country. It is recommended to check the options specific to your location.

Can I extend my subscription beyond 36 months?

With the Game Pass Ultimate gift card option, you can extend your subscription up to 36 months. However, for the standard Game Pass subscription, the extension period is limited to 12 months.

Are there any additional costs involved in using a VPN?

While some VPN services are free, premium VPNs generally offer more reliable performance and additional features. Consider your needs and choose accordingly.

Can I share my Game Pass subscription with friends or family?

Yes, Game Pass Ultimate allows you to share your subscription with other accounts on your Xbox console or Windows 10 PC. Check Microsoft’s guidelines for detailed instructions on how to set up game sharing.


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