Is Substack Notes A Twitter Killer?

Substack Notes vs. Twitter: What's the Difference?

Substack, has launched a new feature called Substack Notes. This feature allows writers to share short-form content and updates with their subscribers in between newsletter issues.

While it’s true that Substack Notes, the new feature from the popular newsletter platform, does offer a way for writers to share short-form content with their subscribers, it may be an overstatement to call it a “Twitter killer.” Substack Notes is not designed to be a social media platform like Twitter, but rather a tool for writers to communicate more frequently with their subscribers and potentially attract new ones.

Substack Notes allows writers to post quick thoughts, links, and updates between newsletter issues. The feature is designed to encourage more frequent communication and give writers a way to share more informal content. Subscribers can leave comments on Notes, which creates a more interactive experience.

Substack Notes Vs. Twitter What'S The Difference
Substack Notes Vs. Twitter What’S The Difference

While Substack Notes does offer a way for writers to share content in a shorter form than a newsletter, it’s not designed to replace other social media platforms. Substack is still primarily a newsletter platform, and its focus is on helping writers build their own independent audiences.

Overall, Substack Notes is a useful tool for writers looking to share more content with their subscribers and potentially attract new ones. While it may not be a “Twitter killer,” it does offer a new way for writers to connect with their audience and build their brand on the platform.


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