LinkedIn Introduces New Verification Options For More Than 4,000 Companies

Why LinkedIn's New Verification System Matters for Your Professional Identity

LinkedIn Introduces New Verification Options For More Than 4,000 Companies

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, has recently introduced a new verification system that supports CLEAR, Microsoft Entra, and work email verification for more than 4,000 companies. This new system aims to enhance security, trust, and user experience for its members.

CLEAR Verification

With CLEAR verification, LinkedIn members can seamlessly verify their identities using biometrics such as facial recognition or fingerprints. This option is ideal for members who are on the go and need to verify their identity quickly.

Microsoft Entra

Microsoft Entra is an advanced identity verification solution that provides an added layer of security for LinkedIn members. This solution verifies the user’s identity using multi-factor authentication, ensuring that only the rightful owner can access their account.

Why Linkedin'S New Verification System Matters For Your Professional Identity
Why Linkedin’S New Verification System Matters For Your Professional Identity

Work Email Verification

LinkedIn’s work email verification process is designed to make it easier and faster for members to verify their identities. Members can use their work email address to verify their identity, making the verification process more convenient.


With this new system, users can prove their identity and where they work. The verification options include the use of CLEAR for identity verification, email verification for workplace verification, and Microsoft Entra for obtaining digital workplace IDs for free.

Unlike other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, LinkedIn’s verification system is free. You can verify your workplace just by using your company-issued email address or through Microsoft Entra if your organization already uses it.

If you want to verify your own identity, LinkedIn has partnered with CLEAR. By securely confirming your identity with CLEAR, you can display a verified status on your LinkedIn profile, thanks to a US government-issued ID and US phone number.

LinkedIn’s new verification system aims to make the platform more secure and trustworthy. With the ability to verify both identity and workplace, users can have greater confidence in the connections they make on the platform.

LinkedIn’s commitment to security and verification is evident in the introduction of these new verification options. By providing its members with more options to verify their identities, LinkedIn is taking steps to ensure that its platform remains a trusted and secure space for professionals.


  1. How do I verify my identity on LinkedIn?
  • You can now verify your identity on LinkedIn using CLEAR, Microsoft Entra, or your work email address.
  1. Why is identity verification important on LinkedIn?
  • Identity verification helps to protect members’ accounts from unauthorized access and ensures that the platform remains a trusted space for professionals.
  1. Are these verification options available to all LinkedIn members?
  • No, these verification options are currently only available to members of more than 4,000 companies that have partnered with LinkedIn to provide these options.



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