Meta Is Working On Decentralized Text Based Social Network

Why Meta's Text-Only Social Network Might Just Be the Next Big Thing

As Twitter’s popularity wanes, other platforms are stepping up to develop innovative successors. According to a report by MoneyControl, Meta is currently investigating the creation of a text-based network, codenamed P92. Users will be able to log in using their Instagram credentials. Meta’s decision to build a decentralized social network based on text raises questions about their motivations and objectives.

What is a Text-Based Social Network?

A text-based social network is an online platform that allows its users to communicate with each other by exchanging text messages in a shared environment. Text-based social networks are popular among users because of its simplicity, interactive nature and ability to connect with people all over the world. Examples of existing text-based social networks include Twitter, Discord, Slack, Reddit and 4chan.

What is the App Codenamed P92?

Meta’s P92 app is a decentralized, text-based social network that will allow users to communicate with each other in a secure, private environment. Logging in will be made easier by allowing users to login using their existing Instagram credentials which will allow them to access the text-based network without having to create a separate account. The app will also feature several features such as private and group messaging, custom profiles, and real-time notifications.

Why Meta'S Text-Only Social Network Might Just Be The Next Big Thing
Why Meta’S Text-Only Social Network Might Just Be The Next Big Thing

Benefits of the Network

Users of P92 will benefit from secure and private communication without having to worry about censorship or data privacy issues that are common on other social networks. It will also stand out from other social networks by being more secure and private as well as offering more features such as custom profiles and real-time notifications. This will also help Meta gain more traction in a market that has been largely dominated by Twitter.

Challenges of the Network

One of the main challenges of creating a decentralized, text-based social network is ensuring security and privacy for its users. Meta plans to use blockchain technology to ensure security and privacy for its users as well as implementing two-factor authentication and encrypted messaging to further protect user data.

Meta plans to launch their new text-based network soon and they are confident that it will be secure and private enough for its users. We can expect more features and improvements from Meta as they continue to develop the platform.


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