Surface Duo Owners Can Now Enjoy Android 13 with Unofficial ROM

Experience Android 13 on Your Surface Duo: An Unofficial ROM Solution

The Surface Duo, although innovative in design, has faced criticism for its software support. Users have expressed disappointment in the sub-par software experience, leading to doubts about the device’s compatibility with future Android updates. However, there’s exciting news for original Surface Duo owners who are eager to explore the latest Android versions.

Unofficial Android 13 ROM for Surface Duo

An ex-engineer from Microsoft, Thai Nguyen (@nqtspinner), has developed an unofficial ROM that enables the Surface Duo to run Android 13. This project, known as the “Android 13 Pixel Experience for Surface Duo,” brings the full glory of Pixel-like Android 13 to the original Surface Duo device.

Features and Functionality of Android 13 on Surface Duo

The unofficial Android 13 ROM goes beyond mere compatibility. It has been meticulously crafted to support the Surface Duo’s unique postures, allowing the operating system to react seamlessly to dual-screen, single-screen, tent, and other modes. With this ROM, Surface Duo owners can enjoy an enhanced user experience and explore the latest features offered by Android 13.

Considerations and Limitations of the Unofficial ROM

Since the Android 13 ROM for Surface Duo is an unofficial project, it’s important to note that there may be a few bugs and rough edges. Thai Nguyen himself acknowledges the presence of some UX issues and posture bugs that are being actively addressed. Users should exercise caution and be prepared for potential inconsistencies while using the ROM.

Installation and Availability of the Android 13 ROM

For original Surface Duo owners who are eager to try the Android 13 ROM, Thai Nguyen provides download links through his Twitter account. Additionally, those with the necessary skills can access the project’s GitHub repository, where the ROM’s source code is available for exploration and contribution.

Please note that while the ROM is currently designed for the original Surface Duo, Thai Nguyen has expressed the possibility of adapting it to the second-generation Duo pending device availability for testing.

Exploring Other Software Options: Windows 11 on Surface Duo

In addition to the Android 13 ROM, original Surface Duo owners have an alternative software option available. DuoWOA is a project that enables the installation of Windows 11 on the Surface Duo. This regularly updated project provides improvements and enhancements, making it more convenient to run Microsoft’s desktop operating system on the small dual-screen smartphone.

Enhancing Surface Duo’s Software Experience

Although Surface Duo’s software support has been sub-par, the unofficial Android 13 ROM and the DuoWOA project offer exciting possibilities for original Surface Duo owners. By experimenting with these alternative software solutions, users can transform their dual-screen smartphones, either by embracing the latest Android version or exploring the integration of Windows 11. While there are considerations and limitations, these projects open up new avenues for enhancing the Surface Duo’s software experience.


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