LIVE11 : The Lightweight Bootable Live Image of Windows 11 By Tiny11 Creator

From Tiny10 to Live11: NTDEV's Latest Windows Shrinking Project

LIVE11 : The Lightweight Bootable Live Image of Windows 11 By Tiny11 Creator

NTDEV, the skilled electronics student and famous YouTuber, has been constantly wowing the tech community with his incredible projects. From his popular Tiny10 and Tiny11 Windows shrinking ventures, NTDEV has now moved on to another exciting project, called Live11. As the name suggests, Live11 is a live image of Tiny11 that can fit onto a DVD, load entirely into RAM, and boot quickly. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into this fascinating project and how it could be a game-changer in the world of Windows 11.

The Boot Process of Live11

In a video shared by NTDEV, we can see the complete boot process of Live11, recorded from the computer screen. The video starts by displaying the output of Grub4Dos, a bootloader used for creating bootable Windows and Linux disks, USB drives, CDs, DVDs, and more. Grub4Dos reads 4GB of data from the Live11 DVD and transfers it into the RAM disk. After the file copy operation, the Windows logo appears on the screen with the spinning dots. The boot process from the RAM disk takes only 12 seconds, which is remarkably fast.

Live11: A Lightweight Live Image of Windows 11

Live11 is an excellent project for those interested in a lightweight live image of Windows 11 for testing purposes. As demonstrated in the video, NTDEV uses the RAM disk of 3.87GB, with only 324MB of free space remaining. The virtual machine allocated for Live11 uses an AMD Ryzen 7 5800HS processor and 8GB of memory, with 4GB available for use and 1.3GB in use by Windows.

The Benefits of Live11

Live11 could be a helpful friend in times of computer trouble. It’s a lightweight live image of the newest Windows 11 version, which can boot quickly from RAM and can be used as a USB stick instead of a DVD in 2023. Live11 is an excellent option for people who are looking for a live image of Windows 11 that they can test without actually installing it on their computer. It’s also an interesting project for those who want to experiment with lightweight versions of Windows 11 on older, slower PCs.


NTDEV’s new project, Live11, is another remarkable venture in his long list of innovative projects. Live11 is a lightweight live image of Windows 11 that can boot from RAM quickly. This project is an excellent option for those interested in testing Windows 11 without installing it on their computers. It could also be a useful tool for troubleshooting your computer in times of trouble. Live11 is an excellent addition to NTDEV’s projects, including Tiny10 and Tiny11, and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

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